returning to virtue

church did it's job today.
i left feeling so happy & inspired.
my spirit learned so much.

this little video sums up my goal for the next little while.

i'm refocusing, with more diligence & heed.
so grateful. ♥


The Candlands said...

The girl putting the picture in the picture frame is a doll! I used to be her babysitter when I was a teenager. Her brother is in it too! So crazy to see them all grown up!

Mark Dixon said...

What a powerful, timely message!

Britney {Jesses Girl} said...

thanks for sharing this video! another moment of Sunday uplifting!

jack+alli said...

love your posts! :)

granny said...

Inspiring. Thanks.

Jamie said...

Thanks for always inspiring me to be better. You rock!