bedtime shenanigans

pre-bed festivities at our house are sort of hilarious & involve a lot of musical pleasure provided by yours truly.

it's a little ridiculous, but it's kind of fun and my kids think i'm amazing even though i didn't make "teen tones" in junior high. {wink}

after we are done with baths, i comb the girls hair whilst belting this song, very obnoxiously {like mother gothel} to make them laugh hysterically & encourage less whining:

chloe usually reads us several stories.
we drink sippies of milk.

while i'm brushing their teeth, i sing 2 enthusiastic rounds of this song:

before jumpin in bed, we pray for safety and "to dream of unicorns and rainbows and kittens" [direct quote from chloe tonight.]

and as they relax, cozied up under their covers, the favorite musical number is:

i'm lucky if the last one stays in my head all night,
but unfortunately it's usually barney. :)


Leslie said...

I didn't even click on the Barney link and I already have that one lodged solidly in my cranium. Good thing it doesn't have any swear words.

Sounds like a delightful evening. :)

Unknown said...

Thanks for the uproarious and badly-needed LOL tonight! My repertoire includes super-fast renditions of popcorm, zip-a-dee, and grandpa's farm. And then I feel guilty when they ask for a Primary song...

granny said...

You are hilarious. And unicorns, rainbows and kittens? Love it.

Jamie said...

YOU=the cutest mom ever!

Bev said...

I wish you were my Mom! I wanna live at your house!! Bedtime around here is boring!

rachbechep said...

bedtime at your house sounds so fun! :)

Unknown said...

wanna adopt me? ;)

Lori said...

I'm pretty sure that the Barney song will never, ever leave my brain!