day 9: inspiring person [holler]

day nine is dedicated to my little sister holly.

*these senior photos here were taken by
cute ashley over @ sunshine & shade photography.
omg, aren't they the cutest?

i have many wonderful, inspiring people in my life, and holly is one of them.

i think the phrase "beautiful inside & out" describes her best.
she's happy. she's kind. she's creative. she's sososo fun. she's lighthearted. she's hilarious. she's thoughtful. she's hardworking. she's...well, all kinds of awesome.

she's also student body president at her school & doing a mighty fine job.

i remember her being a teeny baby, babysitting her, and rocking her to the lion king soundtrack to put her to sleep....and now, she's all growed up. {single tear}

even though she's my little sister, i look up to her so much. [cliche but true] i admire her ability to have fun and always have a smile on her face. i admire her firm, ever-believing testimony that she freely shares with everyone. and most of all, i admire her quiet confidence-her ability to be humble, but kind to herself & others.

holls, i love you. ♥


granny said...

How sweet is this? Makes my heart happy. I sure did luck out in the daughter department!

beth said...

Oh I love her too! For all those reasons! She is pretty much perfect! She helped my little sister acclimate into a new high school mid year her jr year. Thank you Holly! Plus she has made my head absolutely gorgeous with that gear of hers. xxooo

Mark Dixon said...

I love my girls. It makes me so happy when you build each other up like this.

The Wizzle said...

I love Holly, and I love you, and I love sisters, and I love daddies loving their daughters love each other.

How's THAT for awesome?

Bev said...

What a sweet tribute!! You are indeed lucky to have such an awesome sister.....and she's just as lucky to have you!!