happy quitter

haha, i got bored with the photo challenge.
even though it's awesome, i'm just too busy working on other things to finish.
so i'm giving myself permission to be a quitter, with a smile on my face.

this november my heart is so thankful for life.
today was an especially blessed day-

i feel things shifting for me,
and i know that god has a plan.

i'm so grateful for this crazy journey called life.
i'm thankful for the challenges, trials and hard things-
*even though they're super lame.
i've learned so much from my personal heartaches.

i'm thankful for the beauty too.
i'm especially grateful for the good people in my life who haven't given up on me-who selflessly serve me & uplift me.

my cup runneth over.
it's a happy day. ♥


granny said...

So happy today was your happy day! You so deserve it!

Unknown said...

I can't wait to see that smilin' face in person soon!! Have you seen this video?


Bev said...

Love it! I've wondered how I can get out of it....but I think I'll just try to catch up one of these days.

The Wizzle said...

Giving yourself permission to happily leave behind something that is no longer serving you is AWESOME. So glad you had a happy day! It made me feel happier just reading about your happy. :)

Lori said...

Don't look at it as quitting, but as putting it on "a temporary hold". That's what I do. I finish things, but maybe at a later date. I'm so grateful for my busy life ~ there is never a dull moment!

rachbechep said...

i did the same thing when i tried. quitters unite!!!! love you ang!