forget me not

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it was an awesome day of rest.
love me some sunday to give me that "okay, i can do this" attitude.

our lesson in young womens was on our heavenly father's love.
we watched clips of THIS, which, let's get real, is perhaps my favorite talk of all time.
such.powerful.stuff. for women of any faith.

and tonight i attended a giant gathering of young people from all over mesa...
kicking off the dancentennial.
the message shared there was completely inspirational
& left me excited about trusting god & living to my fullest potential.

one thing i have learned about life, is that, it goes on.
might as well endure it well, right?

[sweet is the peace] the gospel brings, folks.
no lie. ♥


Sassy said...

♥ ♥ ♥ it!!!!!!!!!

The Candlands said...

I am doing costumes for the dance!

•stephanie• said...

the dance festival fireside was amazing, wasn't it?