with all the illness
{and it threatening to never leave us}
i failed to post about what we did
for our little fhe last week.

our activities were centered around {responsibility}
& how each of us contributes to our family in a special way:
[click on links to see details]

song: when we’re helping we’re happy

lesson: train analogy

discuss: how can each of us contribute more to our family?

activity: house puzzle

we reviewed our january theme
& discussed ways we could make our home happier.

i'm looking forward to feeling 100% better & having the energy to practice what was preached at that family home evening. ha! ♥


rachbechep said...

oh ang! you are so cute. family home evening with your girls has got to be the best!!!! hope you are all feeling better....

Bev said...

You are so obedient...FHE is such a blessing to our lives. You are such a good example to your girls and to all of us!! Hope y'all are on the mend!

Unknown said...

We had a similar lesson last fall...remember? When it was his turn to list his responsibilities in the family, Gavin said, "Hm...maybe my job could be...climbing small trees?" LOL

granny said...

I think I need to have that lesson over here.

Megan said...

i love your FHE lessons! and i love your new layout too! you are such a great example to me :)