wish book

i love composition books.
who doesn't? i mean-they are so happy.
and, like 99 cents.

i collect them,
sloppily decoupage something on the front,
write my thoughts in them,
and then
throw them out when the ideas therein no longer serve me.

i like having a place to brainstorm,
take notes,
problem solve,
& count my {many} blessings-
old-school, pen-to-paper style.

one of my simple pleasures in life, for sure. ♥


Britney {Jesses Girl} said...

LOVE composition books. Awww.

Here's my new thing with them:

I'm also obsessed with magazine and subscribe to too many of them. LOVE all the things I read, but never remember them. Now I have a couple comp. books and I cut out pictures/articles I loved and paste them in! Voila! Inspiration heaven :) It's my physical version of pinterest!

granny said...

I'm glad you like composition books.
It is nice to have a designated spot for random thoughts.

Brittany T. said...

simple but oh so cute! i just love notebooks and paper products lol.

Sassy said...

One of my favorite things was to go into Strauch's Stationary shops....I love pen and paper and sadly it is all becoming a lost art......and YES ♥ ♥ ♥ COMPOSITION BOOKS.....I use them too!!!!!! I hate to see you throw them out......someday it would be fun to go back and read in them and see what you were thinking at a certain time in your life.....