01. rain, hail & snow in arizona!
02. celebrating st. paddy's with a hilarious, ginger husband
03. passion pit, live to tell the tale
04. weekend benson trips
05. tender love notes from chloe mae
06. liv singing "the wipers on the bus go saswish, saswish, saswish"
07. the movie [return to me]
08. dora panties on toddlers
09. awesome ward, awesome young women, awesome gospel
10. routines & early bedtimes start again tomorrow. ♥


Bev said...

Your whole fam makes me happy, but especially that cute little thing in the picture.....and yes, we sang about the wipers on the bus too....love her!!

Sassy said...

You bring many happy thoughts to so many.........I know I am HAPPY to have you in my life!