what we've been up to

it's been pretty chill around here with limited internet time.
definitely good for my spirit to take a time out.

livy has been trying to potty train.
we're not pushing it that hard,
because the concept still isn't totally clicking.
when i'm not asking her "is it time to go on the elmo potty?"
she's asking me for a carrot...
and adorably exclaiming "i'm a baby bunny!"
{her new obsession.}

she got some cute new "sparkle sandles" for her birthday.
after much deliberation at target,
i chose to gift her the more impractical/buckled/blingy option
{as opposed to the slip-on, flip-flop, plastic option}
and i don't regret my choice one bit.
wish they came in my size. :)

my little sis holly invited chloe
on a special aunt-niece date
to the easter pageant
@ the mesa, az temple!

if you haven't seen it, you should.
it's wonderful.

part of my week was spent organizing my craft room &
purging all kinds of things to participate in the ETC yard sale!
[going on today!] *all things go 50% on monday!

-believe it or not-
i made a real, legit dinner {almost} every night,
[which is highly unusual!]
and my laundry is even caught up!
*clue as to why i needed a facebook timeout*

lots of other mini, happy things happened this week,
including time spent with granny,
date night with myron,
sacred haircut & color day,
and a fun brunch with girlfriends.

mix work,
dance festival practice,
wedding invitation making,
doctor check ups,
& sleep into the mix & you are all caught up on the past 7 days!

this weekend will be spent in my jammies, on my comfy couch,
being spiritually edified by the general authorities of my church.
best weekend of the year. [click here to join me!]

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Brittany T. said...

im glad you are having happy days! yay for spring! you are so cute angie! and the girlies are adorable! im in need/want of a drastic change to my hair!cut and color---maybe in June after bdays and graduations are over.