book report time!

my sister heidi introduced me to this awesome book: 
the gifts of imperfection {by} brene' brown.

and since then, i've heard several peeps i know of, lovin' her stuff too.

i ordered it on sunday night.
it came monday evening. [i♥amazon!]
started it at 10pm; finished this morning.

such a thought provoking, life changing read.
so applicable to very specific struggles i deal with.

dr. brown is a charming & well educated researcher who studies topics such as shame & vulnerability.

her studies indicate that courage, compassion & connection are the key to, what she calls, "living a wholehearted life."

i marked up the entire book in the most lovely shade of teal colored pencil. ♥
i was nodding an "amen, sister" to everything she had to say.

"most of us are trying to live an authentic life. deep down, we want to take off our game face and be real and imperfect. there is a line from leonard cohen's song "anthem" that serves as a reminder to me when i get into that place where i'm trying to control everything and make it perfect. the line is- "there is a crack in everything. that's how the light gets in." so may of us run around spackling all of the cracks, trying to make everything look just right. this line helps me remember the beauty of the cracks [and the messy house and the imperfect manuscript and the too-tight jeans]. it reminds me that our imperfections are not inadequacies; they are reminders that we're all in this together. imperfectly, but together." -brene' brown

speaks to my soul.


Britney Gulbrandsen said...

Just added this to my "to-read" shelf on Goodreads. Sounds exactly like what I need to read :)

Brittany T. said...

ok reading your opinion on this book makes me want to read it now! thank you for sharing...sounds awesome and what i need too!:)

reddladybug said...

I just read an article the BYU Magazine...same topic...

Queen Bee said...

Angie, you know I've told you this before, but you are amazing. Your willingness to share so deeply of yourself helps people you don't even know who read your blog. I never comment because I can't get the words to come out right...but at the risk of not saying them another time..You are SO AMAZING, SO UPLIFTING in your imperfectness, such an EXAMPLE of someone who is not only working, but thinking constantly about doing what is right. The list could go on and on...But if you could only see and embrace what others see in you, you would have peace. That doesn't even touch how I feel, but I don't know the words. Another book you might love is The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin.