more gratitude give me

i had a lovely mother's day.

my babies are off in dreamland [including husband] 
& peace is permeating through our little, loved home all the way into the depths of my heart. 

on my table, there are about six and a half dozen markers scattered about, two sets of paints with their own brush/colored-water-in-a-cup mess, a stack of watercolored creations for yours truly, sippy cups with straws, some goldfish, a camera, a permission slip that needs to be signed,  chapstick with the cap off [who knows what happened to it?], and a large mason jar fillled with watermelon-colored roses.

the table, very much resembles the rest of my house...proof everywhere of active children and busy parents who struggle to keep up with them. 

unlike most nights, the mess feels beautiful to me.
this mess represents a full, abundant, blessed life, that i completely love. 

i am so grateful. ♥  

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Bev said...

So glad you can appreciate those sweet "messes" left by your loved ones. One day they will be missed, I promise. Now the only one who makes a mess at my house is ME and I usually have a little mess in every single room.