think happy thoughts


my car broke down today,
i had a wicked headache,
& my kids fought. seriously. all. day. long.
 it wasn't a horrible day, by any means,
but there were moments when i wanted to scream, for sure. 
*and maybe did once, or twice. :) 

bless myron's saintly ginger heart, for watching our girls...
while i, happily took a night out with friends.
i wasn't gonna go, because i've had lots of fun obligations at night lately,
and i was running super late [because of the car drama]
AND halfway there, realized i forgot my wallet.
[typical angie]

but, i went anyway. {an hour late & wallet-less}
and i'm so glad.

my spirit has been uplifted & renewed.
i was reminded that the goodness & sweetness in my life is found in my relationships.
no amount of money or  fancy {working} vehicles couldn't come near to matching the support system i have been given from my loving, heavenly father. 

funny thing is, i hadn't seen most of those people in months or years,
and it was like no time had passed....kindred spirit sytle. :)
what special, beautiful people...each one of them.
i have {indeed} been blessed with very dear friends, old & new.

on the way home, i thought about how i often spend too much time focusing on the negative situations that make me feel powerless & misunderstood. 

why am i not spending that wasted energy on building the relationships & parts of my life that DO bring joy & happiness to me, my family, and others?

life often feels hard for my little senstive soul to handle,
but i'm really starting to learn:
there is too much good,
too many wonderful people in this world,
too many learning, enriching expiriences,
to be unhappy.

life is what ya make of it.
thanks, sweet friends, for making mine happy tonight. ♥ 


Britney Gulbrandsen said...

I love you, Ang!

Great post! LOVE the quote at the beginning!

And yay for good friends!

KP said...

angie, your words really do inspire.
i feel like we have a lot in common. :)
Thank you for sharing this!!!

Jenny Johnson said...

Life is silly, but you're amazing!! Jeff is good with cars if you ever need a hand, PLEASE CALL