pictures & captions

words of wisdom in the kitchen. 
     sweet baby A, the most delightful little human

      a precious pink package from my girl britt. {thanks sister!}

already saving these babies! can you believe school starts in less than a month???

got a new job at church [as the young womens president]...like 2 months ago...and i'm {just now} getting legit organized. /: [yikes!]

     popcorn, panties & ponytails = my life. 
     it's a good life.


becky+cade said...

can i come & be a young women in your ward to learn some of your wisdom?

Unknown said...

The girls in your ward are so lucky. I bet you're great! Your girls are SO cute. I can't believe how big Chloe is and is it crazy to you how their hair colors are so different? How does that happen to siblings?

O'Loughlin Family said...

Hey - we share the same calling! I've been in for 2 1/2 years and I love it! Let me know if you want to swap ideas :)

•stephanie• said...

popcorn, panties, ponytails, president?, perfect!
{you're a chip off the old block. lucky girls in your ward!}

Alison said...

Love that last photo. We're all about the naked over here too.