seriously heaven

where have the girls & i been all week, you ask? 
um, that would be here: 

with these wonderful people, aka, my awesome dixon-redd cousins:

 we roadtripped over to the sunny beaches of cali with cousin rachel
{"curly headed rachel" as chloe calls her} 
on tuesday, 
spent a fun filled day at the redd's home 
& cutest children's museum ever on wednesday, 
beached it up for a few days 
& arrived home this evening.

needless to say, we had a beyond wonderful time. 
i feel so lucky to be related to such kind, generous, and hilarious people. 

we made tons of memories, got to meet baby spencer for the first time, ate super yummy meals, played lots of games, visited & laughed, and experienced the beach at it's finest.
the breather from "real life" was oh-so fabulous & so very needed and appreciated. :)

besides missing our daddy like crazy, the trip couldn't have been more fun! 
kids on the beach is magical....the girls were obsessed.
here are a few pictures to prove it:


we had the time of our lives-
thanks redds! 
we ♥ you!


Britney {Jesses Girl} said...

Your girls have the CUTEST swimsuits! In love!

rachbechep said...

best trip ever because of YOU! :) thanks for coming along. :)