all in a night's work

i have yet again procrastinated my scrapbooking duties & work responsibilities to the extreme. so much, that it was mandatory that i pull an all-nighter of crazy-creative-mess in order to meet the deadlines that this morning brings.
i am teaching a mini-class @ the scrapbook store to 50 peeps at noon. as of midnight i hadn't even begun creating my page. i finished kitting at three. and then i thought...why not stay awake & make signs & teasers? {kill me} so now it's almost seven. chloe wakes up at eight. i am going to go lay down, but i first wanted to document how insanely stupid it was for me to put this off...in hopes that perhaps next time...i will do as i have never done before... aka plan ahead. life {really} is good.


Michelle said...

That is too darn cute. I love it! Don't know how you do it, but you always are able to do it :)

Anonymous said...

You are so funny! I love the story of our lives.

angiedunn said...

LOL...Happy National Scrapbook Day Ames! Hahahahahaha!

Unknown said...

Angie, since the last time I looked, you have a couple new posts & you even make your blogs cute, just like your scrapbook pages & the way you journal. I want to copy what you did above your couch with the frames. It is soooooo cute.
And I wish I was a customer in the class you taught today. You do the best pages & I love your style! I don't know how you can finish your projects during the night at the last minute, but if that's what it takes to get such a great finished project, maybe I should try it!

Was it really national scrapbooking day? No wonder Scrapbooks, Etc. was so crowded!

Well, Chloe is one of the cutest little girls. Definately reserve her for Noah!

Sara! said...

Hey Angie! So Melissa said she found you and I have no idea how since your blog name isn't something you could just guess, she's creepy. However, apparently I am too, seeing how I traced your comment to her to you. Anyhoo, could you be any cuter? I am so amazed at the degree of your cuteness. Chloe is adorable, isn't it amazing how entertaining ribbon is? I let my baby play with some a few weeks ago and was amazed what I could accomplish without him. Until he was sucking on fuzzy stuff and got all gaggy and puky. That's my baby, it's awesome, but he's still so fun. Um, so glad you loved Twilight... strong heartbeat, Edward... Sorry this is so random. Love ya! Sara

Anonymous said...

I totally forgot that it was National Scrapbook Day! So cheers to NSD! And how glad am I that I was not there! Love ya- Ames

chris+amber said...

Poor Chloe. I hope she's feeling better. Pink eyes are the worst! I'm with everyone...you're A-flippin'-mazing!! I have always admired your style of scrapbooking. You always go above & beyond in all that you do!! You should publish a book of ideas, for sure! I'd be the first one to buy it!

angiedunn said...

Um, thanks kids. The picture makes things look a lot cuter than everything is, apparently. I appriciate the kind words, considering i was up for a solid freaking-30 hours because of it. And Amy...i'm jealous that this year you were able to "forget" it was national scrapbook day! Cheers to that, yo!!!

Suzy Cummard said...

Angie, I am loving that you leave comments, so then I don't feel so bad stalking you, too! HA
Cute scrapbook page, etc. OF COURSE. You are at the top of my list for "favorite styles of scrapbooking." YOur style is simple, & timeless, usually I don't feel overwhelmed!! Thanks for all your ideas.
I love the way the wall in your casa turned out, I love your cute little girl, & keep posting pages!
You are so cute!