aquatic pets

a couple of months ago we welcomed several new creatures into our dunn crib. audrey {myron's sis} & saac {her man} generously purchased us a little salt water fish tank...you know, just for kicks. {ya, they're nice like that!} my mother-in-law debra, also being very generous, got us the cutest little black stand, too. {thanks guys!}

it has been super fun to watch our little swimmers. fun to watch the coral grow. fun to see all the colors change. fun to see chloe's eyes light up every time she checks 'em out. myron has had fun feeding them, changing the water {ya know, the whole responsibility part}. and i have had fun just enjoying their happy/calming presence in our home. it's pretty much been a fun time had by all, i reckon.

you can hardly see them in this pictoral because, well, i'm a corny {dixon word for crappy} photographer, but there are a few fish in there. and we look foward to adopting more! our
two little baby nemos are called romeo & juliet. and they are just the cutest little babes! our anenome is referred to as mimi. the two fire fish that looked like twins are known as mary kate & ashley. the sand-eater doesn't have a name {poor lil' guy} so i call him u.t. {short for un-titled}. oh! and we have one more tomato clown fish, but he jumped into the sump & we have had trouble/major drama attempting to retrieve him! oops. but no worries, he's okay just chillin' in the back. he is quite the cranky-introvert anyway! {oh, and his name is rojo, btw}

anyhoo...i just wanted to introduce you:

blog friends meet fish.

meet blog friends.


runningfan said...

I'm glad that the fish are your friends and not just anemones!

Staci said...

It is VERY nice to meet all of your little fishies! :)

granny said...

ah, runningfan, teehee. i heart my funny kids! poor little rojo!

The Wizzle said...

I'm glad the fish have become welcome members of the household. If someone else does the clean-up duty, fish are pretty hard not to like! I hope rojo doesn't come to any harm - if he does, please don't tell me because it would make me sad. :(

Sara! said...

runningfan made me snort. clever.

Megan said...

I had a fish once...it died like 5 days later. hehe I guess I shouldn't have any pets!!

Anonymous said...

Remember Clarence...RIP!!!