uno, dos, tres, cuatro

caution: this post is gonna be borderline cheesy & purely dedicated to my very favorite freckled 27 year old redhead.
aka my oh-so adorable husband myron lee dunn.

why you ask? well, because four years ago today...

this happend:

yep, that's right folks. four years. wow with a capitol "w" is all i gotsta say about that one! time sure does fly when you are having fun. on may 17th 2003 my & i were married & sealed for time & all stinkin' eternity! doesn't that rock? i think it does.

perhaps in celebration, i shall make a list of reasons why i love this dude.

and i think i shall.

things i love about m-diz include, but are not limited to the following:

*his hilarity/sense of humor, {his impressions} and his laugh
* his skills {parenting, bow hunting *wink*, computer, and driving}
*his random obsessions {ie: suns basketball, ufc fighting, shooting guns (not @ people), the fish tank, e-bay shopping, etc.}
*his appreciation for comical genius-ness {ie: conan, arrested development, the office, chuck powell}
*his ability to lighten up any random conversation
*the fact that his exact-opposite-of-angie personality compliments mine so well
* that he is secure with himself, & has nothing to prove {so attractive}
*oh, and he's, well, just that: so attractive
*that he is the most tender, kind, caring, and ADORABLE daddy {seriously, it'd make you cry}
*his big enormous marked up scriptures
*his frugality & desire to live within his means
*that he is passionate about his beliefs & is willing to stand up & say so {and he does}
*his yummy green eyes, freckles, and good genes {produces adorable offspring}
*his deep-rooted country soul
*that he is talented {clever beyond reason, handy-man of the universe, and a major smarty pants}
* and the fact that i know he loves me, anytime of day, any day of the week, no matter what i look like, or what the circumstance:

he loves me.
and i love him.

aw, how's that for tender?

uno, dos, tres, cuatro & counting.
here's to a million-bagillion more honey!!

{happy anniversary}


MeL said...

I thought just last night that today was the day! Sorry I know when your anniversary is, that is not a normal thing for someone else who isn't related to you to know. Man I'm lame. Anywho, happy anniversary! Don't you love being married? Especially to someone who could not be more different, and the only thing that you have in common is that whole LOVE thing? I love that we live identical lives, mine just being much less cute, and having identical happy and very strange marraiges to people that are so opposite of us! Anywho, sorry if it seems that I'm trying to take away from the celebration of your day, I am actually so so so very happy for you and your four happy years! Congrats yo on 4 whole years and a happy eternity to come!

MeL said...

P.S. I like the reflection of Marvelous Mark in the glass next to you!

angiedunn said...

I'm so glad that you noticed that!! LOL. Mark G's reflection is BY FAR my favorite part of that picture! Thanks girl, ya know, for the happy congrats & such. And right back at ya...isn't yours super soon? Two years? Could be wrong, just ignore me if I am. Have a great day!

Michelle said...

That picture makes me happy. seriously. I want to print it out and hang it on the wall above my computer YOU LOOK SO DARN CUTE!

You, officially, are the cutest couple walking the face of the planet. Without a doubt!

Love you girl! Happy anny!!!

The*Evans*Family said...

You are too cute Angie. Tell your husband that is is lucky to have you!

chris+amber said...

CONGRATS!! You & Myron are too cute for words. I can't believe it's been 4 years already! Crazy! I enjoyed meeting your aquatic creatures. I actually felt tender for Rojo. Poor lil' bitter thing. Ha ha...

Jenn said...

that is tender- and congrats! i hope that you both have a wonderful anniversary!

The Wizzle said...

Happy anniversary Angie and Myron! So happy for you guys. :)

Mark Dixon said...

Happy Anniversary, Angie! And I'm so honored that my reflection in the glass is part of the celebration!

Emily, Julia, and Annie said...

Angie, those blogs you told me about are AMAZING!! It's like those people live the life of Anthropologie store. Seriously. It entertained me for ever!!
p.s. Thanks for doing the totals last night for your own class - you rock!

Kaytie Brown said...
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Kaytie Brown said...
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angiedunn said...

get a blog, girl! oh, and glad you liked the blogs i secretly, or not so secretly stalk! um, i thought of one more you might like, so i'll catch you at the store sometime & write it down for you. or, if you had a blog, i could just comment to you about it. which brings me back to...get a blog. ha! love ya!