causes for celebration

the last few days have brought the dunn household {many} super exciting events/people/happenings to celebrate:

#1: we purchased one of these...

{aka a toyota yaris, aka a second reliable vehicle! ours is a yummy dark blue. this, my friends, has been a long time coming. we are beyond pumped about myron having a non-gas-guzzler, sturdy, and happy little ride to run his insurance appointments in! anyone want a "vintage" chevy blazer? anyone? anyone?}

#2: simplicity kits are almost finished. emphasis on the almost part.

#3: holl-doll wins!

{congrats to my adorable little sis, holly, who is the future 8th grade vice pres o' taylor junior high!! way to be amazingly cute/super awesome/& toad-ally cool {wink}...oh, and obviously more popular than i ever was! taylor trojans or bust!}

#4: being a mom

{being a mom to this charming babe is one of my very choicest blessings. motherhood rocks!
i count my lucky stars every freakin' day for this priceless responsibility.}

#5: having a mom

{this cool lady gave birth to me like 24 years-ish ago. someday i will do an entire post on why i love this chick. she is a kind, genuine, selfless, wise, charitable, hilarious, warm, hip and talented girl. she is the bee's knees, the cat's pajamas, and my bestest girlfriend.}

#6: we got to chat with this dude:

{my little bro, eddude called az from his mish in mongolia for mother's day. um, suffice it to say...it was ultra fun to hear his voice, laugh with him like old school times, catch up, and be reminded, yet again, what an awesome kid he is, and how rockin' the work is.}

#7: i'm thinkin' pink:

{allow me to 'splain. you see, my adorable husband likes white walls. for some strange reason that is un-understood by me, he really enjoys the simplicity of a uni-colored house. but i, on the other hand, love & borderline NEED color in my life. in our last house i had every room a different happy color. but, when we moved into our new home, i, being the sacrificing wife that i am, {jk/lol} decided that i was going to leave the walls the {boring} light tan color that they were. but get this...myron, being the kind and selfless man that he {for real} is, randomly commented this week..."um, i think chloe needs a pink room." woo-hoo, love ya babe!}

#8: suns win=happy redhead

after saturday's dissapointing loss, alls i gotsta say is raise the roofity-roof that our boys made my boy super happy by winning monday's game! go suns!

the end.


Kate said...

You, dear, would be on my list of awesome things/people for the week. You make me smile!

granny said...

ah, tender...thanks for the kind words. you are amazing.

chris+amber said...

I know I say this every time I leave a comment on your blog, but I LOVE YOUR BLOG! You are the spittin' image of your mom. SO CUTE! You have a whole lot more patience than me to do kits for your classes. I do not miss those. GOOD LUCK! Let me know how you like Myron's new ride. Chris & I have been talking about getting one of those hybrid cars one day. It makes sense with the crazy high gas prices. I checked out "the" blog. :o) I agree with Becky, she does look like Kathy Bates. Ha ha...

Kaytie Brown said...

Ummm... your daughter is freaking ADORABLE by the way!!!! I SOOO wish her and Brooklyn could be buddies and maybe make homemade pot pourri, or at least frosted flakes together. Someday... Oh and don't worry we had the same blue pen mishap at the Brown home last week. Luckily only one pair of Ryan's pants are blue speckled, along with a few of my maternity shirts (which GLORIOUS DAY I am through with, for a while, anyway!) LOVE YA!!!

Holl Doll said...

Hey so ummm...I'm really glad that your daughter is my niece 'cause she rocks my socks!

P.S. thank you for recognition of my election!

Unknown said...

I know you and Becky have a 'favorite blog' but I must say that your's is my favorite lately. I love reading what you have to say! And again I love the look of your kitchen (in the background of the simplicity kits picture)!

chris+amber said...

Hello, it's me again! :o) I forgot to ask you which shade of pink you're leaning towards for Chloe's room?

Jenn said...

Ang- I am stalking your mothers blog! (can I say I do that?)

She is so cute- I LOVE her! I seriously need to NOT blog stalk- it's crazy/insane and I have too much other stuff to do. I remembered to feed max though so all is good.

The Candlands said...

Oh my heck, I can't believe I found your blog! My cousin (Megan Montgomery) had you on her links and I was totally stoked! I so miss seeing your page ideas! You don't understand! Where I live, there's nada scrapbook stores! UGH! I try and get down to AZ every other month to at least stockup! And holy heck, your daughter is adorable!

granny said...

jenn, I think you should say hi when you come visit my blog! Wow, I feel honored that you are stalking me.

angiedunn said...

amber, i'm not sure what color to do chloe's room. last time it turned out a little too pink. {like, i think chloe might have some vision problems due to the pinkness thereof of her last room, jk} i want to go lighter than last time, but not baby pink...still want it in the hot-ish catagory! ha! i'm lame. i'll keep you posted!

cori said...

i just found your blog accidently. can i buy your scrapbook kits? so fun. so cute. let me know!!!