rockin' & reminisin'

mid work session yesterday evening, i decided to take a much needed break.
so, i grabbed a snack {of course} & went e-shopping on itunes.
i splurged and treated myself to 16 new & beloved musical masterpieces for my ipodizzle.
this purchase completed the "angie's throw back mix" that has been in the works for a while now.
i am utterly elated by it's perfection & the kazzillion memories that flood back as i
max out the volume!

here's the said playlist of mid-nineties pleasure:
{just in case you were interested}

a long decembercounting crows
ironicalanis morissette
look awaychicago
tornnatalie imbruglia
precious declarationcollective soul
black balloongoo goo dolls
i will remember you…sarah mclachlan
luckyseven mary three
clumsyour lady peace
the differencethe wallflowers
criminalfiona apple
pushmatchbox twenty
insensitivejann arden
semi-charmed lifethird eye blind
staylisa loeb
i saw the signace of base
freshmanthe verve pipe
sink to the bottom...fountains of wayne

this compilation brings back memories of my best & oldest girlfriends: anja whyte, kristen wheeler, and kaytie bishop and our hilarious existence as bffls since 2nd/4th/7th grade!

it brings back memories of three ward dances & the woes of boy crazy ridiculousness slash pitiful crush-rejection 7-9 grade.

it brings back memories of laying on anja's olympic sized waterbed {in the batcave} & solving the world's problems.

it brings back memories of making up routines to "all that she wants"...which reminds me of how embarrassed i am to be me sometimes.

it brings back memories of being obsessed with bill pullman & all things while you were sleeping. {aka being able to quote the movie start to finish without it even being on...which we did...'cause we're cool like that}

it brings back memories of swimming in anja's pool, eating anja's food, and borrowing anja's money.

it brings back memories of journal writing, no fear shirts, "ttfn", six months to live drama, the saipan near guam scare, watching buzz, kayt getting perms everytime she went to kerny {lol}, meeting at the fence, making potpurri & frosted flakes, cream puff mishaps, requesting songs on 92.3 & 104.7, "stop with the leopard staircase!", kristen's amazing cabin, recording david letterman, rollerblading in the morning, {aka inside jokes GALORE!!}

it brings back memories of good times, great oldies with three of the most fabulous & special people i know!!

this mix = a soundtrack to a happy childhood, no doubt.

and that is precisely why i made my girls their very own copy to be expected in their mailboxes {as soon as i confirm addresses}!!

love you guys & miss you like crazy!

{happy 90's friday}


Kate said...

You rock! :) That kind of listening pleasure is about to be expanded x6. Remind me, the end of this year to send you my library 07. :)

granny said...

I only recognized 3 from the playlist. hahahahahahaha. Maybe if I heard them? I remember all the rest happening though...well, sorta.

Coree Adams said...

Oh to be Angie's childhood friend...you rock my dear!

amanda p. said...

angie girl... you know anytime anywhere you are totally entitled to hours of photoshoots from me!?! I really would LOVE to take some pics of you and your fam-damily! I genuinely enjoy taking pictures of attractive people and would love to spend some with your little girlfriend Chloe! For reals though... let me get through this crazy week or two and lets set a date :) ps.. can you really make a bookclub with Leslie start and can I please please be in it?

MeL said...

Thank you thank you for commenting, it always makes my day. I have just read all of your comments as well, so I think that I am the definition of blog stalker, however, I don't think that I can take the torch from Torn Ligament, the comedic blog stalker who chooses to remain annonymous! (sp?) Yeah, if I were that clever, I would for sure want the credit for it...I don't know what his/her deal is. Anywho, the playlist brought me back to Junior High, which could be a tender memory, but turned into me remembering me in junior high, and then getting a small complex that people actually might remember me back then. Scary thought. I digress, way to have fun fun friends and an equally as fun play list to celebrate memories with!Have an Angelicious day!

The Fletchies said...

book club? why do all of us blogstalkers not have a book club? is it just me or does that sound like an amazing idea?

cori said...

thank you for the email. i was so excited. now i am even more excited about your playlist. you rock! i love music. i am mad i STILL don't have an ipod. i think i am the only one in the world. love cori

Mark Dixon said...

I'm three behind Granny on remembering your tunes. Shows how out of touch I am!

I really enjoyed reliving your memories with you.


angiedunn said...

no mom & dad...you aren't out of touch. my friends and i were just weird & liked RANDOM music. we were nerds. but i loved slash love it.

Kaytie Brown said...

Ummmm... tears are STREAMING down my face (no surprise to anyone who knows me). Your little memory splurge right there just made my day/lifetime!! Oh how I love, LOVE my BFF!!! I couldn't be any more PURELY blessed to have been invited to check out books from the "Angie library" like 17 years ago. I think that's where it all started BTW, and I must say I am OH so glad it did.


Sara! said...

Yes, I am commenting on others comments and had to come to your blog to get more info on another comment left elsewhere (I know, making no sense,) but I want to do a bookclub too, and so does Aly. That's all.