4th festivities

the fourth of july this year means:

*myron is
off work. {raise the roof to high heaven}
*whole fam stays in
pjs like 2 thirds of the day
*dad doesn't shave {'cause it's a
free country}
*angie deciding to embrace all things red, white, and blue {ie:

* angie likes to paint her life away and gets three large walls + a hall + baseboards second-coated!
*it's hotter than outer darkness so us dunners opt to be holiday hermits
*we watch 3
movies while painting-n-cleaning
*angie mops portions of her newly installed tile with her fave pine sol/ammonia cocktail & pretty much weeps {tears of joy} while doing so
*rocking out to
itunes & dancing til the girls dizzy
*chloe's eyes jumping out of her skull when she wears blue

*enjoying a wonderful & highly pleasurable dixon family sandwich/laughing/talking fest.
*sporting these adorable jellies from gma-dunn {they squeak with every step!}

*and mostly just:

-being so unbelievably grateful for:
this rockin' free land that we call home sweet home,
and for a loving God in Heaven who has blessed us with that {amazing} opportunity!

{hope you had a happy independence day!}


granny said...

Happy 4th back at you. Thanks for sharing it with us...

cori said...

love the red toe nails. brinkley and i painted ours red too.

happy 4th friend.

McMemories said...

So glad you had a great day! It's the best when our busy hubby's have a day off!! Love the red toenails and blue is a GREAT color on cute chloe!!

Coree Adams said...

I love Chloe's patriotic outfit slash bow in her hair. But I REALLY was hoping you would post a pic of you and My in your pj's and My with his unshaven face. LOL Love you kids!

Unknown said...

i want a pair of jellies! do they come in my size?! chloe is cute cute cute... as usual!

The Kewpie Klan said...

darling little piggies! You can totally tell Chloe and Rome are the same age...ribbon fun, flag in mouth...such little cuties! however, I am quite jealous that you get to paint her little toes...Brant would kill me...he lets me put him in funny hats, metro/sophisticated outfits, but he does draw a line! :)

elizabeth said...

Um, dear to my heart are those blue eyes. Wow! Do you know anyone who teaches calligraphy classes or where I might find such a class?

The*Evans*Family said...

Can she get any cuter?? Glad you had such a fun/relaxing/productive day! Natalie was here this weekend - she says hello!