taking a chill pill

so, today chloe & i focused our attention on one activity:
doing nothing.
chillin' like villans.
taking long naps.
and taking a post-nap {hence our awesome hair} dip in the pool.
and leaving the pool after 7 minutes due to 7 minutes too much of second hand smoking.
and now...watchin' some babe ein & having a snack.
& waiting ANXIOUSLY for our favorite hardworking man to join the fun.

should i make dinner?
am i going to?
probably not.


cori said...

we had the same kinda day, minus the smoke. i even snuck in a little 20 minute nap.

Holl Doll said...

So i basically had a similar day too. i basically played with devlin went swimming, played with kylie, went shopping, and watched tv. it rocked.

Unknown said...

i took a LONG nap today too- but that's because i was up til 5 doing homework, then only got 1 1/2 hrs. of sleep! i heart summer school!

MeL said...

What's with all of you lucky little devils taking naps? I went to work and then had my car battery die and then painted base boards. Not so summery. I can't wait to have your life some day, but it is far far away.

Coree Adams said...

LOL I don't normally allow these words to come out of my mouth, but since I'm typing...Chipotle actually sounds good! But so do the crossants and doritos and dp that you brought over last night. Is that a good breakfast food? :) You girls look so cute in that picture. LUVS