just a day...

just an ordinary day...

sleeping in til 8.
kissing daddy goodbye.
watching sesame over breakfast.

playing with toys.
making lots of messes.
teaching mom how to baby proof.

scrapbooking our guts out.
playing in ribbon & cardstock scraps.
freaking out because i want to play with all sharp & dangerous crafty objects.

taking a nap for like three and a half hours, because i rock like that.
sleeping soundly while mom works on her projects.
waking up happy as ever, ready to play.

eating lunch & feeding mr. miyagi the stuff i don't like.
going to the park & roasting, but still having a blast.
drinking tons of water because my mom is paranoid about dehydration.
taking a trip to bazzill to drop off projects & pick up some more.

chillin' with mom.
playing with toys.
reading books.

waiting for daddy to come home.

just a day...just an ordinary day.


runningfan said...

A day in your life...love it.

cori said...

sounds very vanessa carlton-ish. sleeping in till 8? how fun for you and your babe. those were the sweetest days for me and my first. lolly gagging around. don't you love to lolly gag? haha. post your projects. start another blog for it. i am telling you..you not listen to me. love, cori

Unknown said...

way to have a productive life! i am lucky to have that productive of a day every once in a while, let alone everyday! i heart chloe!!!

Jenn said...

I absolutely heart Chloe and YOU!

Coree Adams said...

This little girl is the epitome of what I want Ashlee to be like when she "grows up". And it truly is amazing how interested I was to know what an ordinary day for Chloe is. LOL I just love her!

Unknown said...

I love reading your blog. You make the ordinary ever-day things so much more interesting!

granny said...

Ah, my cute child, and my cute grandchild. You make me happy.