polka dot chicks

these are my dear friends/scrapbooks etc. groupies...aka naye, amy, & kelli. they are extraordinary girls with huge hearts. throughout this week they are trying to raise money for an organization called footprints.

footprints is a children's organization headed up by another amazing chick, lara cousins. lara and her husband dave live in south africa. they started a non profit organization to help orphaned children.

to find out how
you can help, go here.


Unknown said...

i agree! this was such a good idea they had! and SO good of lara to organize the group to begin with! i was so impressed with the things people donated to be auctioned off! way to go sb etc teachers!

Amy said...

I want to go to South Africa with them...do you think they can sneak me in? I think that it is so awesome what they are doing and I hope one day I will be able to go and do somthing like this also!!! Way to go SB ETC GIRLS!!!!!