letters to my far away sissies...

dear heidi,
i'm pretty much beyond excited for...
a brand new NEPHEW!
i have the three cutest nephews on the planet,
can't wait for another to join the bunch!
hooray for happy news of a healthy baby boy!
i'm excited to see what he looks like...
{amazingly cute, no doubt}
...just like his older brothers!
older brothers! how fun is that??
SO SO happy for you, garry, zach, & ty!
may dec. 13th come quickly!
love you & miss you like crazy, per usual.
angus & bowie

dear holly,
we "toadily" miss you.
come home from cali sooner rather than later, k?
you will be very proud of chlo's latest developement!
she impersonates your fave disney character of all time!
she sings w/ ariel..."ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah, etc."
it's hilarious, and i think we should watch the movie togetha so you can see.
...over some of your wicked-delightful popcornizzle...aka your specialty.
{with lots of butta & salt *wink*}
peace in the far east/mongolia,
ang & chlo

{have a happy wednesday everyone!}


The Wizzle said...

Yeah, pretty much ditto to all that. It's been really quiet without you, Holly!

And I freakin' LOVE little boys and am SO excited to get another one in the family! Zach and Tyler must be particularly thrilled with this development.

granny said...

Pretty great news! Not everyone gets tic tac toe, three in a row!

runningfan said...

Wow -- our made Mom's blog and Angie's blog in the same day! Love the comment, mom. That one might just make a Bulletin headline. :)

Coree Adams said...

Awww I wish my sisters would blog to me! Or I wish they would read mine so I could blog to them! lol

Laura Blue said...

very exciting for a growing extended fam of yours. family is the greatest and you can never have too many. and i have not seen that movie in forever! can i come too? i'm being serious... can i come? lol chloe... you are too adorable... look at that little shot of her from behind. i just want to gobble her up. yum!

Emily, Julia, and Annie said...

So Angie, I heard about the amazing new scrapbook class you are teaching in September and I am really, really excited for it!!

cori said...

i heart siblings too. i totally read your "tags". sometimes they crack me up.

cori said...

you rock...this blog does not allow anonymous comments. and i laugh and get mad all over again.

angiedunn said...

fam...nephews rock, and i love you.

coree a.-i miss you! where have you been all my life? kiss ashers for me.

laura! you can come to a dixon sister-siesta anytime mrs. blue! (: and trust me, holly's popcorn is pretty much heaven.

em-little nervous about the disney class, but i'm glad you are excited. i heart disney, so i wanna make the class ROCK, but that's kinda pressure, ya know?!

no cori, you rock. i laugh/get mad too...we are so alike. (: ha!