the tater tot

so, my classes @ the store are adjourned for the month. i absolutely love my job, but it's always a relief to be home with my girlie again. i miss her while i'm out bringin' home a lil bacon. i get a tiny taste for 2-point-5ish days each month of what m-diz must feel like. on wednesday night we kept the girl up until the {late} hour o' ten {120 minutes after her usual bedtime} because myron & i desperately needed a chloe-play time fix to get us through another busy thursday! and she was very very punchy...so it was doubly-fun!

glad to be back bloggin'. i missed my muse here too! (;

um, so, my adorable friend amy totty brought me a surprise to work! if any of you know her, you are very aware of how cool this girl is: she is SO...COOL...her glasses, shoes, clothes, hair, hair accessories, hand bags, amazing creations, etc. best thing though: her personality matches in coolness. i {really} love her.

she brought this little somethin' somethin' for my b-day...
{she's too kind, i know}

AHHHHHHH! need i say more?

yes folks, those are two lisa loeb albums. she read on my blog that they had been "borrowed" from my car last fall/never to return again. {and she must have telepathic powers, 'cause she replaced two of my VERY favorites!} maybe we should have a moment of silence, so we can all sing "sandlewood" in our heads & get goosebumps.

anywhooo, isn't that just THOUGHTFUL city?

and yes, we rocked out to the beloved LL during all four simplicity classes. it was heaven.

AND she included a TO DIE FOR cute sparkly/vintage/antique glasses case with the gift...for me to put my glasses in! or exact change! or whatever! but, what i really have plans to do is to buy some NEW stylin' spectacles like lisa {and amy} to put in my chic-n-classy case!!

you see, amy has a history of being very thoughtful. on a monthly basis it seems, i am the recipient of a large bag of brand new little girls clothing for the bow. 'cause, ya know, amy saw something cute & buys it for her. {thoughtful city squared} i can't tell you how many times i have come to the store & had a bag with my name on it waiting there, full of SUPA cute new dresses or pjs or outfits for chloe. the woman seriously has clothed my child from birth. {along with many other SWEETER than sweet friends & grandma/granny's *wink*}

this entire section of the closet is stuff bowie hasn't even grown into yet {compliments of the tater tot}, just sitting there waiting for her to sport! and every single thing she has given me has been SOOOOOO cute! {as you can imagine, i am completely overwhelmed & so appreciative of her out-of-control generosity!}

amy totty, you rock my world. thanks for being SO GIVING with not only freakin' amazing cds, adorable glasses cases, and FASHIONABLE baby/toddler attire: but also...generous with your friendship, compliments, sweetness, sense of humor, talent, and just YOU.

tomorrow i shall blog about another thoughtful friend that i have met while workin' @ sbetc...she also brought me a delightful surprise yesterday evening that i plan to use tonight & perhaps snap a few pics in the process! {hint: her name starts with e & ends w/ mily mcbride...}

and yes, every single woman that works at that place is forever amazing slash i could blog a river about each and EVERY one of them {ex-employees/teachers included}!!

until then:
{happy TGIF}


Michelle said...

{hint: her name starts with e & ends w/ mily mcbride...}

NOW THAT is funny!!!! :)

and I'm with you, gotta love me love totty :)

The*Evans*Family said...

I just love everyone down there too! Maybe I can get my job back so I can be cool again. :) Ha. Thanks for chatting with me on my THREE different visits to the store yesterday.

chris+amber said...

SBetc. people ROCK! I miss it! It is THE place to work. I love your posts about SBetc. employees. I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who flips when my house is messy. I also applied for "What Not to Wear" about 2 years ago. I'm still waiting for them to call me! :o) You DO NOT need their help. You always look so cute & stylish at church every week! I love the idea of making lists. I should do that. It would make life a lot easier! Thanks for the idea, friend! See ya at church on Sunday!

MeL said...

Can I have your job or your friends? That would be awesome! Oh, and I too have a VERY large tv crush on Seth Cohen; in fact it is probably my biggest. And now I want to see every movie that he will ever be in. That's all. And yes that really is our mouse pad. Um...congrats on the new cd's! I can't think of something more exciting! And have a fabulous week!

Emily, Julia, and Annie said...

Uh, Melissa, we need to chat. I have Seth Cohen obsession too!! And I am glad you call him by his tv name. Love him. Anyways, love Amy Totty and love Emily McBride.

come sit awhile... said...

Yes, my darling friend, who doesn't LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the one-and-only Miss Amy T!?! She ALWAYS brightens my day each and every time I see her...and as for her generosity...have you seen my cuter than scrapbook paper skirts and hip and happenin' shirts that she's so graciously handed down to her same size friend? And...if you should ever see me sportin' a stylish pair of shoes that are NOT flip flops...they're from the Totster!
And my claim to fme...I discovered her! Yep, touch me now!
And, Ang...remember our O.C./I'm in love with Seth days? I kind of giggle when I realize that I'm almost 50 and just how immature I really am...but, I'm afraid it's not going to get any better! Oh, well!
Happy day all...Lesli

come sit awhile... said...

Oh, my...I didn't know my picture was going to show up!!! How do I get that off?

ForeverSarahLee said...

Was just reading Lesli's comments. So hilarious. I own ALL the O.C. seasons on DVD. Because I'm in LOVE w/Seth Cohen. Matt & I love that entire show... We even wanna name our boy (if we have one) Cohen. Funny! :0)

Coree Adams said...

I've come to the conclusion that I need a job either at Scrapbooks etc, or somehow involved in scrapbooking...because: a) every scrapbook savvy person I have met in real life or via Angie on her blog are awesome. And b) I need money to go shopping!!!! k that's all.