rug obsessing

k dudes, i need your opinion.

should i take the tags off these lovely rugs i just purchased from tar-jey?
or, should i return them?

i can't decide.

are they too boring?

or are they cute-n-simple?

i bought two.

one for the front door & one for the back door.

{thanks kate for the target gift card that made this all possible, love you!}

i relocated the green, fun, & happy rugs that were previously in those spots, 'cause since the tile instalation they have been very anti-functional. {the tile is higher than our old flooring, so the green rugs are too high, hence us not being able to open the door very easily...which makes myron really happy, btw.} just incase you wanted to know. {lol}

oh! and keep in mind, i have {this} rug right when you walk in the front door so i can't buy anything too crazy/busy:

so, what do ya think? you likey? or is it a no-go?

{hope you're having a happy wednesday!}


Coree Adams said...

I think they are cute n simple, but what do I know? I am living off of VERY little sleep and lots of stress. lol I LOVE the rugs you already have...so I'm sure if you go with your gut it will be perfect!

Unknown said...

i too would say cute-n-simple. i would keep 'em!

Marie said...

I think the rugs compliment your entry/exitway beautifully. What does Chloe think? (J/K)

PS. your family pics/wall hangings above your oh-so-comfy couch is so cute. I can't get over how cute. I'm in love!

Kaytie Brown said...

Ditto. I'm all about cute and simple. Miss ya!

The Kewpie Klan said...

i like the black/taupe one a lot. but it's close to black and white, so you knew I'd say that :)

The*Evans*Family said...

Definitely keepers! I like that they are so simple. You've got fun stuff other places to jazz things up.

chris+amber said...

I don't question your taste. You did a good job. I LOVE those green rugs, especially. Please don't tell me you got them a while ago because I'd like to copy you and get some eventually. I love your pad. So cute...just like YOU!

The Wizzle said...

I like 'em. The black is grounding. It goes with your shelf thingee over your couch, with the pictures.

angiedunn said...

thanks for the advice dawgs. i just removed the tags. they are here to stay. (: oh, and amber, i purchased the green rugs @ pier one like a few months ago. they were on a major sale [7 bucks each!]...but they might still have some...who knows? the one by us. (: i'm flattered that you'd copy...i want to see your abode, i'm sure it's adorable!!
oh, and rachel, can't wait to see your new paint & other fun stuff!! (:

Stoddard Studios said...

I know I'm a little late because you've already decided to keep them...but, I'm going to give my opinion anyway, cause I can! I think the rugs are super perfect for your pad. It looks as though they will go perfectly with the rest of the decor...which, by the way, is SO cute. Love it all!

Kylie said...

I am glad you removed the tags, because I was going to vote to keep them! Ok, I totally love and want to steal your over the couch picture shelf with cute ribbons & frame idea for my own casa!!

Missy said...

Well, hope you didn't get too freaked out when I said your little girl is adorable, me being a stranger as well! About your comment on my blog...my system is failing me at this moment...it is out-of-order...I suspect it will be up & running as soon as we get back from our weekend trip & then the kiddos start school Tuesday and it should be a GO! Until then, I'm still trying to catch up from the Beach...thank you for your continued patience! J/k. I will post it very soon. Although it is more helpful for those who have older kids/slaves probably, but it is always good to start early. Stay tuned just a little longer!!!

cori said...

so ange. i love the rugs. i love target too. i have some of their rugs on my tile. another reason we are friends.