Well folks, the time has come.

I am venturing into the scary world of capitalization.
{For those of you that haven't noticed, I rarely capitalize things.}
Reason being: I am NOT smarter than a fifth grader.

But, I've decided to give the capitalization thing a go...like @ the beginnings of sentences & pronouns & stuff. {Ha! As if I even know what a pronoun is!}

I'm pretty much getting really tired of Word/Blogger fixing it for me, and having to go back & make everything uniformly uncapitalized.

I still can't promise proper grammar.
And I'll prolly continue to misspell things, and use fake words.
Oh, and most likely attach unnecessary suffixes here & there. *ie: -ness, -dizzle, -ity, etc.*
{that's just me.}

But, I'm ready to grow up, I reckon.
It's time to use capital letters & learn good habits for my future-"mom can you help me with my homework"-days.

Besides, a big Q is way cuter than a small q.
Wouldn't you agree?

{Happy Tuesday w/ a capital T}


Mark Dixon said...

way to go angie!

Unknown said...

i'm not ready to make that step. i will when i have to{like when i'm a teacher} but until then... no way! and i do agree with you abour the "Q" being cuter than the "q". but "f" is way cuter than "F" i think.

Coree Adams said...

LOL I just have to laugh. I'm glad you decided to grow up, however, sometimes you just have to let loose and not worry about punctuation, spelling, grammar, capitalization, etc. So...no worries my friend. Luvs

Holl Doll said...

So basically when i saw that pic i thought you were going to say that it's time to teach chloe the alphabet. i was thinking that she wa only like one. but yah. and i really like capital Q's. Oh and the spelling of capitol/capital depends on the context of the word.

maccam said...

Angie - your blog is so cute! LOVE IT!

Stoddard Studios said...

I think you should keep your old habit. I like how it looks when there aren't any words capitalized. If fact, I was just thinking a few days ago that I wanted to start using all lower cases. Besides, if you changed...your blog wouldn't be your blog. That(not capitalizing)is just you and that's what makes it fun!

cori said...

you go girl. i am not ready to think that hard yet. its just hard to get used to it again.

amy mo said...

hey at least you decided one way or the other! I'm stuck in limbo where sometimes it feels right capitalized & sometimes it doesn't, but then it drives me crazy cuz it's not all the same. ahhh the pleasures of having ocd.

ok so I have a question, how do you make the spaces between the lines so close together? I just can't figure it out & mine are just so far apart. It drives me insane.

Missy said...

So I hate this part of being a Mom. My kids got in so much trouble when they all started writing cuz in real life I write in ALL CAPS...so they would write their first name in all caps and a teacher sent me a note home telling me to STOP! Can you believe...the nerve!

BTW...you were normal-ish and you didn't email me...you no like my blog...no? j/k.

granny said...

Don't you HATE the fact that the stupid computer thinks it is smarter than you are, because you didn't (on purpose, btw) capitalize something, or indent something, or number something? Ah, technostress is REAL.

big.bald.dave said...

Next time I'm over at your place, remind me and I'll show you how to disable automatic capitalization in Microsoft Word. Word and I, we be tight, yo. No need to abandon your style because your blasted pooter wants you to!

Stoddard Studios said...

I'd also like to know how you make the spaces between the lines of your posts so close together? It looks so much better. Please help!

runningfan said...

Go David! I was going to suggest highlighting all your text, going to Format - Change Case and selecting "lower case." I'm personally all about what's right and proper (nerd that I am), but on days when I don't want to be, there's an easy fix in Word when I'm all done typing. :)

The Parkers said...

I know this is a post about grammer-be-darned, but my OCD is raging and I just...can't...help...myself! You misspelled "sentences". So sorry (sob!), it just couldn't be held in any longer. You can ban me from your blog if you want to.

angiedunn said...

Is that really you?
How do I get to your blog?
How the heck are ya?

Well, I fixed sentences. I have the uncanny ability to do spell check like seven million times & still misspell things. What can I say? I missed the spelling-gene. You either have it, or you don't, I reckon. No matter how hard I try, the words don't stick.

You are not banned from my blog. But, you are hilarious. I'd like an update on your life, please! (: