Betty Croc Style

I'm not the hugest fan of cookies out there.
Like, don't get me wrong, I LOVE a fresh baked cook, any day.
But-let's just say, it's not my vice.

I'd much rather hit up some Sour Punch Straws, Nerds, or Tropical Mike & Ikes.
It's the truth=I heart candy more than just about anything.
{Clodhopper thinks my sugar preferences are crazy.}

That being said, I truly love to bake.
I love smelling my kitchen up with cookie goodness.
I love to pretend I'm Martha.
{But a more friendly version.}
And I love having a reason to use my mixer o' joy that = my Kitchen Aid.
And I love taking freshly baked goodies to friends in need of a lil sugar.

Today, I was in the OOC mood to bake.
{In celebration that SYTYCD is on tonight!}

I used Betty's recipe:

While chillin' to some beloved Mae:

And sported my fave apron invented:
{featured pic doesn't do it justice, btw}

{Story o' this apron: K, so last year me & my work friends took an inspiration field trip to Anthropologie. Like any other sane human being, I am obsessed with this store. I usually just walk around & pet things, imagine them cutely displayed in my house or on my body, and then slap myself back to reality & go to Tar-jey or something. But, this particular afternoon, there was this delightfully charming apron that I totally loved & wanted/needed. I couldn't stop telling my friend Kelli how much I coveted it. I kept going back to it, trying to memorize every seem, so I could go to JoAnn's, buy some fabric & attempt to ghetto-fabulously duplicate it's perfection. I left the store empty handed, per usual. When dropping me off at the end of the day, my sweeter than sweet friend Kel, said, "Wait, Chloe's mom, you forgot something!"...she proceeds to hand me a shopping bag, contents equaling this apron. She had purchased it for me while I wasn't looking. {Sneeky.} I think of Kelli & her out of control thoughtfulness every time I bake. Thanks Naye's mom, I've said it before & I'll say it again: you rock.}

Man, I don't bake nearly enough.

{Happy Wednesday}


Stoddard Studios said...

Seriously...you should be a photographer! Your pictures are so fab. You should take a class. I think you could go pro. Those cookies look SO good. I can never get mine to look that good after I bake them. So, I usually don't bake them. I just eat the dough. YUM! I LOVE cookie dough. Cute apron. Love it. It's so you.

Kirk and Aly said...

Nothing like a cute apron to make cooking fun! I think I might just start wearing mine around when I'm doing things I don't like (ie: helping with homework or practicing, taking out the garbage, or having Primary meetings). Maybe it would make them fun too! Your cookies look delicious!

Staci said...

I'm SOOOO jealous of your APRON & your amazing cookies!!! Mine always turn out flat! Anyhow-so sweet of your friend to buy you that apron, because it really is so cute!

PS...my mouth is drooling right now, I want a cookie:)

The Wizzle said...

I adore cookies. In fact, I had to stop making them so much because not everyone in my house loves them with equal enthusiasm, so I end up eating (shall we say) the lion's share.

Anyway, yours look great and that apron is adorable. I need an apron in a big way. Perhaps I will break in my new sewing machine on that little project!

kacee said...

I love anthropology, i love the apron, i love to bake and i love cookies! I do have to say that i differ from you in that i make them at least weekly and have gotten the task down to a flat 30 mins and 40 cookies(give or take)! Unfortunately, they are never beautifully displayed like shown here! You do it all to perfection! I am enlightened by your blog once again!

chris+amber said...

It was fun to see you & mini-you at SBEtc. yesterday! You seriously amaze me. You set a goal AND attain it in record time. Most people make goals and put it off (like me). I laughed when you said you go into Anthropologie and "pet things". I totally do that too when I shop and just tell myself "someday!" You rock!

chris+amber said...

PS. I saw your hubby & his dad at Rio last week. Do they work together?

Holl Doll said...

Umm... I made cookies today too! i heart your blog and your apron and you. I think your apron would make a cute skirt. Call me crazy, but what can i say?

Lisa said...

that apron is killer! and so are those cookies it looks like!

amy mo said...

those cookies look SUPER tasty & I was totally wanting to make cookies today. but we didn't have the ingredients. & psh, it is a compliment to be like you! you have the cutest stuff ever. even though when it comes to cuteness I don't compare.

ok, so I'm sad that tonight was the last performance night. I feel horrible saying this but I was a LITTLE disappointed. but that doesn't mean I didn't LOVE most of it. anyhoo, yay for finding out the winner tomorrow!

Coree Adams said...

So I made cookies tonight and apparently this oven SUCKS because they burned around the edges and I even cooked them like 25 degrees lower than it said. Needless to say, I'm not happy. So I'm glad that your cookies turned out, they look DELISH!

Jenn said...

Adorable apron, yummy cookies- and LOVE the kitchen aid! They are the best- when I got divorced, I had to fight for mine {I won}

cori said...

i just got home from anthropologie and i bought another coveted apron for 19.00 ange. and a rug. and i am still dreaming of everything in that store. i took my girls, and friends and we had a 6 hour school shopping fiesta and i told kenz, But first, we Need to go into MY store. i love the sales there. i will think of you as i wear my apron too. your apron is so stinking cute, and way nice of your friend to buy that. this post made me happy.

granny said...

I will never understand how you can prefer sour patch anything to a nice, warm, homemade, chewy cookie. Never. But hey, agency is real. Hahahaha.

Crazymamaof6 said...

that is a fantastic apron! and i am fully impressed with the baking and pure domesticity you exhibit! love the presentation! you are makin' me wanna bake up some chocolate lovin' myself!

Unknown said...

too many comments to read them all and try and think of synonyms for what everyone else is saying, so sorry if this is a repeat. anywho, i love love love that apron, betty's recipe for choco chip cookies{especially when amy bakes them}, and kelli! she really is the most thoughtful person EVER! those cookies look delish, i will have to make some tomorrow!

Kelli said...

MMMMMmmmm. Cookies.

Alisse Baldwin said...

First of all, I can't decide if Kel Brad's comment is more Homer Simpson or Cookie Monster.

Secondly, I kind of infatuated with you. And your life.

Thirdly, are you coming to the She's Got it All party next weekend? We could use some inspiration from you and let me just say that there are a million more cute aprons at good prices that will be for sale. :) I like to wear mine while I "cook" boxed dinners. Makes me feel like Betty/Martha, even if it only takes 14 minutes start to finish.

Kate said...

Um. Have you seen etsy.com? Your apron totally reminded me of some things I've seen there.

Kaytie Brown said...

Hey twinner, I believe I have that exact kitchen aid. Hey do your cookies stay fresh in that stylin container?? And were you listening to the new Mae cd. Let me know if its good, Ryan has been dying to get it.

Mark Dixon said...

Angie, you amaze me. I blogged about you tonight.


angiedunn said...

Thanks for blogging about me Daddy/Gramps. That always makes me feel so special you know! Perhaps I should bake you some cookies to express my appreciation! Love your guts Pop!