hi, my name is chloe and i was/am cute

I haven't blogged in a mere 36 hours,
and it has seemed like a year.
I haven't taken any photos either,
so you'll just hafta look at old-school Chlo'.
{PS: love her.}

Here's what I've been up to:

1. Slowly {emphasis on slowly} creating my boy-ish & girlie baby albums for December 7th's Babylicious @ SBEtc.

2. Sporting an astronomically-large sized zit on my chin that honestly needs it's own freaking zip code. {TMI}

3. Visiting the new outdoor mall by my casa twice & totally digging the Forever 21 there.

4. Thinking my husband is a total rockstar.

5. Itching to finish some home improvement projects so I can reveal my new pink something in Chloe's nursery.

Until next time...
{Happy Tuesday}


cori said...

girl. we are same same. i am cranking out the projects.

ahem. are you ready?

-linen closet............check.
{would it be totally pyscho to make labels fot the closet. so my precious chilren put things away on the right spot?} let me know.

-drawers in kitchen cleaned and organized..............check.

-kitchen sink..........out on the curb. for the trash tomorrow. my brother is installing new one and faucet...................check.

-laundry.................1/2 check.

and it feels guh-oood!

cori said...

sorry for my spelling errors. i am project pooped. especially after being a super hero on saturday night. you know.

Mark Dixon said...

You are definitely right - Chloe was and is darling!

•stephanie• said...

WE are the same, too! Except I have made zero baby scrapbook pages, I haven't gone to the new mall at all, not sure I'd consider Mr. Bill a rockstar, and the "nursery" in our house now has a treadmill and a TV. Oh, wait! I do have a huge chin zit {which I am WAY too old for.} We're practically clones!

Jamie said...

So fun! I can' wait to see the pages, I know they will be adorable.

PS - yes, Chloe is quite stinkin' cute!

Kaytie Brown said...

so the zit with its own zip code reminds me of "My face is a freckle, and my yard is a fruit tree". Which then reminds me of lots of other old school memories, which then makes me laugh.

Megan said...

I love Chloe's huge flower on her head. She is so stinkin cute! Hopefully one day I can have a little girl as cute as Chloe AND Ashlee! :)

Marilyn said...

hi angie- so glad to see you today...I miss you when you don't blog! I am a lurker who checks you out every day, but you have inspired me to finally start my own blog, marilynmomof7.blogspot.com. I plan to pay tribute to you in a few days-my inspiration. Have a great DAY! love, marilyn, your simplicity student and fan

Kim said...

Love Chloe then and now. Can't wait to see the scrapbook pages. I really should to take that class. Aubrey is almost 6 months old and I haven't done one page for her. Can't wait to see the new pink!

Stoddard Studios said...

Love the big bow uh-top Chloes head. I heart big bows on babies. I need to go to that new mall. It's all everyone can talk about. I've got a lovely zit upon my chin that needs it's own zip code too. Grrr.

Em said...

I'm so excited to take your class. I loved seeing you guys at the mall the other night. Chloe is so stinkin' adorable. Love her curly hair. Glad to know someone is getting their projects done.

Coree Adams said...

I love that flower bow...it's probably my favorites of all time! Chloe is and always will be freaking adorable! Also...Amen to the big zit, only mine's on my forehead. And...hmmm Myron truly is a ROCKSTAR and...I can't wait to see the new pink something in Chloe's room. I love cliffhangers...but not for too long!

Alisse Baldwin said...

Oh, wow. Wow, wow. I think Chloe's a doll now... good thing I didn't know her one year ago because I would've kidnapped her and claimed her as my own.

MeL said...

The enormous zit on my chin has consumed all of my thoughts and concerns lately, which is unfortnate because I should be being productive in the mean time like you are.

Anyhoo, so I finally found paper for my letters, now quick question for you, did you cut out the paper before did it on? And did you ever have seams where you needed to do another peice of paper and if so, is that where I could put an embellishment? Good grief, with all of the questions I've asked and instructions you've given, these had better be amazing. However, I am almost convinced ahead of time that they will not be. Nothing like a self-fulfilling prophecy...waah.

Oh, and just so you know, you not blogging for 36 hours seems like not just one, but two years to the rest of us.

chris+amber said...

I'm dying to go to the F21 at our new mall. I've been there but I had kids with me. 3 Kids + F21 = disaster. It was fun seeing you the other night. Chloe is a ROCKSTAR like her parents, not JUST her daddy. YOU ARE ONE TOO!

granny said...

It sounds like there is a chin-zit flu going around. :)

Laura Blue said...

so simple... but i love it! where is this outside mall with a forever 21? i would LOVE to know. thanks ang. HI chlo... I love you to pieces!

Unknown said...

I love the new mall, I have been there twice for movie night and even ate at George Birch, yikes that place is crowded. They have beer battered fish sticks and they are good for a person whom doesn't drink, but, huge though as 2 people could split the plate. Oh I mean the food on the plate, {please don't split the plate.} LOL

Dear Chloe, I am so very sorry as I never did bring a present in for you! Boo Hoo. when you came into this world and I never met you either yet. Perhaps when I sign back up for Simplicity, you cute mommy can bring you in to see me! hint hint.
I am your mom's friend and she is sweet, just like you. So, this is what I am goin to do.

I am going to gather stuff and make you a really cool baG full OK?
You are so adorable and I am glad your mommy and daddy had YOU!

Take care family of 3!

ForeverSarahLee said...


Don't you mean it needs it's own ZIT code.

Oh so hilarious! :0)

Thanks for your comment miss Angie.
It is hard. More than you could ever know. It would have been much easier if I'd chosen the right way from the beginning. But oh well. I never have been one to do things the easy way. Lol!

But I love Matt, and he's my soulmate. And he's willing to stick by me, as confusing as I can be. Haha! Wish us luck ;0)