it's a beautiful day in the neighborhood.

today is just one of those beyond-great days.
not only is it overcast & ever-so lovely outside...

but also:

*chloe & i are simultaneously in ultra-good moods
*i got my choppers cleaned @ the dentist this morning
*we did a lil b-day shopping for our daddy
*and we got to see {both} grandma & granny all in one day!

today is just one of those days where i'm totally gonna open all the windows and chill to:

*obadiah parker's "hey ya"
*coldplay's "green eyes"
*lisa loeb's "truthfully"
*norah jones' "the nearness of you"
*vanessa carlton's "pretty baby"

{we've already been over to the park, but we'll probably hit it up again post-nap.}
we even felt a few-ish sprinkles.

today is just one of those days when i'm feelin' like:

*starting my christmas cards
*watching "serendipity" over something warm
*emailing eric for the very last time!
*planting somethin' in my yellow pots on the porch
*phoning myron to just shoot the breeze

i repeat:
today is just one of those beyond-great days.

{hope yours is the same;
happy thursday}


Chelsea said...

Sounds lovely there today! I love Chloe's dress outfit. So cute. Do they make it in mom size?

Unknown said...

minus having to go to school, i feel the EXACT same way today! there's something great about overcast days in az! {i think part of it is that winter grass is in & looking great!} glad you are having a beyond-great day!!!

kacee said...

Okay, I love Chloe's dress! Where, oh, where did you find it? Paiz is in dire need of "sunday" clothes and that looked so cozy!

So happy for your great day, I seem to over look the "beautiful days" in my neighborhood too often lately. Thanks for your positive example{once again}!

P.S. Good to know you like tags, I will keep you in mind if there is a next time {I always worry about making someone mad!}

Stoddard Studios said...

Today IS a great day. It's so nice out. We went outside and enjoyed the green grass and the sprinkles too. I love this time of year!

Kim said...

Isn't the weather just great today! It feels like Fall for a change. I could use more beyond-great days. Chloe is cuter than ever!

•stephanie• said...

such a cheerful/optimistic/thanksgiving-ish post. loved it. you are a great example of seeing the bright side of everything - even on a cloudy day. {i'm sure non-arizonans think it's really funny/crazy that we love cloudy days so much - but understandable when nearly EVERY day here is SUNNY} gracias!

btw . . . rub-ons are indeed inaginisce. {you're good!} i'm so disappointed you didn't ask if they were hand-drawn in pen & ink . . .

•stephanie• said...

pardon me . . . iMaginisce.

granny said...

I hate to say I spent the entire day after 8:15 a.m. inside the four walls. Such a great day to "waste" in the house. Arrgh. But ya know, projects call. It was a pleasure to see you both today!

Laura Blue said...

totally agree with you that today was a beyond-great day!! it was beautiful! wish i had some good pics to post, but i don't... so i'll have to look at yours. i have a pic of cambria that looks like chloe.. i swear. when i post it you'll have to be the one that decides if it does or not. so you'll have to check it out. anyway... yay to a beautiful day! love ya

amanda p. said...

once again your girl is amazingly cute!.... she must get that from you ;)

Unknown said...


I was trying to leave a comment when you had only 2{so early in the day time but, this computer of mine did not let me, as it jinked me. LOL

ok, It was the most wonderful{est} day today! I was out in it the whole entire day and for a Menopause girl{like me} wearing shorts today it was fab. Loved it so much!

I was so glad you did too! I hope it continues to stay this way!

YIPPEE for Today!!!!

YIPPEE for Chloe whom is so adorable enjoying today!

P.S. I am still shopping for her quote: Ladmo bag of stuff

Stacey said...

Angie! Wow, I cant believe Eric will be home so soon! Amazing! Give him a shout out for me! He's such a stud...even though I'm engaged I can still say that!

Julie said...

2nd that.... what a beautiful day! Good to see you and Chloe today. I just can't get over how cute she always is and how quickly she is growing up. C ya soon!

cori said...

sounds perfect. and i really want to see your yellow pots. did you know that i have 2 blogs? greenthumb. thats me. question. did you watch mr. rogers? did you ever see old snl with eddie murphy being mr. rogers? that is what i thought of. and i will post pics of house. i am all over it. and i wanna see your cute rental. one more thing we have in common. same same yet again!

ForeverSarahLee said...

Chlo was such a little doll this morning. It must have been the amazing weather that made her feel so spunky and fun. Lol!

Also, LOVE LOVE LOVE your music selection. "Pretty Baby" is always a fave!

The Wizzle said...

It was a nice day today. And whatever Chloe is wearing is *beyond* cute!

Tanya Leigh said...

Hooray for sweet days like that! your pics are always adorable - and HOW do you make your breakfast look like it is straight out of a magazine? :)

Staci said...

I LOVE the picture of Chloe in the ultra-green grass! SO CUTE!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE it when it is overcast & it rains! Made my day, waking up to dark clouds!

Coree Adams said...

Yesterday was a pretty great day. Chloe's dress is so freakin cute! Where the crap did you get it?? WOW...today I am green with envy for you having a babe with curly locks and adorable dimples and oober cute clothes. k LUVS!