the facts were these:

Ring Ring to me {at 8:30-ish am}

A: Hello.
M: I got in an accident.
A: Was it your fault?
M: No
A: Are you okay?
M: Yes.
A: Is the other guy okay?
M: Ya.
A: I'm glad it wasn't your fault.

{Angie hangs up.}

Ring Ring to Myron {at 8:32-ish am}

A: Wait, WHAT? You woke me up, what did you say?
M: Ha, ya I thought so....

and he proceeds to tell me about this:

southern & los alamos car wreck=my husband.
and some old guy.
{bless his lil heart.}

thanks goes to the heavens above for keeping my boy safe.
and said old guy.
{bless his lil heart.}

bye, bye yaris.
it was fun loving you for six-ish months &
appreciating the joys of your ever-so rockin' gas mileage.

most people that know me are aware of my severe hatred for: cars, car accidents, car insurance, freeways, side streets, wreckless driving, drunk driving, travel in general, yeild signs, hasty/cranky drivers, left hand turns, etc...

this being said, i am VERY grateful that Heavenly Father blessed us w/ an anti-tragedy on this fine friday morning.

and myron is grateful for muscle relaxers.

and have a happy slash safe weekend.


•stephanie• said...

you know those prayers we say about "please watch over and protect us as we go about all our responsibilities"? well . . . those came true for you and your cute family today, and we can all be thankful for that on this pre-thanksgiving-ish friday.

Coree Adams said...

SO glad My is ok. Was the old guy that he collided with Bryan's dad? That is like RIGHT THERE! haha I hate car accidents...will you guys be good to go tomorrow night or will My be too hopped up on pain killers???

Kate said...

Super glad to hear that your honey wasn't hurt (and said little old guy too). Sorry to hear you're saying goodbye to your little car. :(

Kim said...

I'm glad to hear that Myron is OK. I had a phone call like that but mine was a little different. Mine was from the Chandler Fire Dept. telling me "We are taking Guy to the hospital by Air Vac" I wasn't asleep after that. Hope your weekend gets better.

cori said...

i laughed at your phone call. but not at what happened. glad to hear myron is good. is he home for the day? i love spur of the moment stay at home husbands. and glad he is not hurt.

i came thisclose to witnessing a motorcycle accident just yesterday. you know when you pull out, and look left and right? just when i looked right i heard this huge crash and looked fast to my left, and saw a motorcycle on the ground. the guy got up and walked around and then laid back down. it was so so scary. it happened so quick.

let me know if you need any legal advice. wink wink.

MeL said...

Aaaw crap! Seriously there is nothing and I repeat, NOTHING more depressing than being in an accident. And believe me, I've had my fair share so I know the feeling well. Good luck to you guys on dealing with insurance companies, rental cars and fixing your car or getting a new one, aka, the stuff that sucks the worst about car accidents.

Em said...

Glad he's ok. I am always afraid of getting one of those calls. Too bad about your car. Thank goodness M is ok though. Happy Weekend.

kacee said...

Happy to hear Myron is okay! I hate phone calls like that! I don't mind driving, usually enjoy it, with one exception - while in AZ with several million oldies that can't even see over the stering wheel. Be careful down there!

amy mo said...

Oh my gosh how sad! Just last night I was about 2 inches from getting into an accident because I was behind some car that was making a left hand turn out of a parking lot, they changed their mind after I had already moved forward to turn right, and they started backing up & I didn't have time to go into reverse. Thank goodness for horns. I share your hatred for those things you mentioned. Especially accidents, reckless driving & left hand turns. Gross.

Laurie said...

Scary way to start the day! Glad everyone was okay.

Stoddard Studios said...

That's so sad! I hate car accidents too. Is your car totalled? I hope not. that would stink. Glad everyone is ok.

Marilyn said...

Gosh-hate those kinds of phone calls-I have had several of them myself...So glad he is okay!

Chelsea said...

Sorry about myron and said old guy. Hope they are both still feeling good. So I have to know, did you get a Yaris because the commercial with the foriegn girl who says, "all the boys want to touch my yaris". Just wondering! Goodluck on car shopping! I HATE THAT!! But I know an awesome used sales guy if you want used. :)

granny said...

Lots to be thankful for today. I'm so grateful.

amy mo said...

Really? Linc? I don't know why but I never had a thing for him.

Too bad you can't start groups on blogger. I'm pretty sure we'd have a pretty big following with Stressers Anonymous.

Laura Blue said...

myron, so glad you're ok. ang... gotta love the convo that you didn't remember. i too have a hatred for cars. glad all are ok though. have a great weekend!

Unknown said...

sorry to hear about you hubby. I am so grateful he is ok. So sorry again. Love US, my whole family.

chris+amber said...

Yuck. I hate car accidents. I'm glad Myron & the old dude are a'ight. I was eatin' up the overcast/sprinkly day too. It didn't stay long enough! I'm with everyone wondering where you got Chloe's dress? Do tell! It's very stylish!

Kaytie Brown said...

SCARY Ang! SOOO glad Myron is ok. I'm with you about the whole "hatred" towards all the seriously unhappy things that go along with driving. (Hey remember our road trip to Last Chance?) Anyway SERIOUSLY buckle those seatbelts!!!

P.S. I think I saw Chloe's dress at Target? Yes? No? SO cute!!

Unknown said...

very VERY glad that no one was hurt in the accident! hope those bruises & sore muscles go away soon! bye yaris! :(

Unknown said...

car accidents suck. really. I'm glad M is okay. ((hugs))

maccam said...

Okay, that sounds like what I would ask. Glad to hear he's okay and that it wasn't his fault. :) Oh, and glad the old man is okay too. :)

Kylie said...

I'm glad he's ok! Car accidents can be a scary thing!!
ps. I am glad to know that I am not the only one who is in bed (along with the kids)still at 8:30 am)!!