"i've been awake for a while now"

bowie & i SO aren't morning people.

we really wish we were, but we just aren't.
{it's a fact of life.}

the girl typically sleeps in til at least 8:30 am these days.

{unless i wake her up earlier...but since i don't believe in waking up babies...this doesn't happen often.}

she'll usually catch the highlights of sesame during breakfast.

speaking of breakfast,
this was mine today:

-2 egg whites
-an orange
-and 4 pages of First Nephi

it was very yummy,
{minus the green drink & egg whites.}


it's now 12:50 and we are both ready for a nap.

chloe will be the only one getting one of those.

[sweet dreams & happy tuesday]


Kate said...

Oh how I wish to take a nap. I'd be happy to be dreaming with the Bow!

Kapri said...

Please tell Rome that he needs to be nice to his mommy like you are nice to yours. He only sleeps until 6 on a good day. Thanks,
Aunt K

The*Evans*Family said...

What in the green drink!? I don't know how I feel about that.

Marilyn said...

Hey angie-is that green drink okay? I saw it on CZ's blog a couple of days ago and she loved it....just wondering. Saw the recipe too-thatsa lotta spinach!

kacee said...

So do you actually like the drink or are ya just being extremely dedicated?

Oh, I remember the days when Adi would sleep from 10pm until 10am. SO nice! It was quite the life!{I usually slept the same, well minus the 2-3 hours of Tivo once she went down} I hear ya on not waking a sleeping baby - my #1 rule too!
Hope you did something fun for you during naptime (:

Chelsea said...

So I just saw your tagged post. I was full laughing out loud (lol, i guess...) at your pushing daisies time. That is sooo what i thought when I read it.
Your breakfast looks, well, um...tasty?! And yes...NEVER wake a sleeping baby/toddler/or me!!

Coree Adams said...

k i want the recipe...wait what's it for? HAHAHA! No really, I'm sure it's probably something that I NEED so send it my way! You are awesome Ang, definite hero to me in that area. LUVS

Laura Blue said...

it was so good to see you both today. sad to say that it was noon by the time cam and i got up. SE was the first place we went today and that was at 2pm. breakfast didn't look like fun, but i bet you look better for it. kudos to you! chloe sure is getting cutie... didn't think that was possible. but her voice is to die for! hi chloe! have a good week the both of you!

Alisse Baldwin said...

...Got me feelin' like a child now.

And everytime I see your bubbly face...

Kaytie Brown said...

Ok. WHAT is that green drink?! That’s all for this post, on to the previous one.

Way to go you Turkey Trotter you!

Eric gets home in .2!? That’s crazy exciting!


“Ceaser Romero is not Spanish”

“I never Ceaser Romero was Spanish”

“Well what did you say?”

“I said Ceaser Romero was tall”

“We all know he’s tall”

That movie makes me very glad.

Unknown said...

tha orange looks really good...

chris+amber said...

I gotta get me one of those kinda babies. I don't think my kids have ever slept past 6:30 a.m. Uhmm...yummy drink? Do share...what are the specsh ingredients?

Laurie said...

Wow- good job on such a great breakfast and the reading material to start your day.

cori said...

wake up sleepy head! naps are the best! i live for them when i can get them.

MeL said...

I'm not going to lie, I will never ever try the green drink, especially after reading the ingredients! Yikes.

Congrats on being healthy though, it is something I seriously need to work on. Case in point, this morning I had a Diet Pepsi and a generous piece of lemon cake; it's really no surprise why I was somewhat disappointed with myself by like 8:30 am.

And also, I know that this sounds TOTALLY weird, but you have the prettiest lip color. What brand and color of gloss or stick do you wear? Sorry to pry, it is just one more way that I am trying to be just like you! Have a fantastic day!

Unknown said...

You are so CUTE! What would this world so without YOU!!!!!!!!!!
{fall apart worse, perhaps} LOL
I love the oranges and would love to try the " famous green drink"
looks healthy good.

granny said...

BIMM. If you would come and make that drink for me every day, I might be able to do it.

I Nephi was definitely the best part of breakfast. :)

Natalie said...

Talk to me about Dr. Oz's drink. Did you find this in his Weight Management book? Do I need it? Brian won't let me buy any more "diet" books until I actually lose weight. There's a thought....
And egg whites are YUMMY!