finally busted it out

i like all kinds of christmas trees.

fancy ones.
crafty ones.
funky ones.
chic ones.
victorian ones.
bright & contemporary ones.
super classy ones.
simple ones.
decked-out ones.

but as for me & my house:
we do hodge podgey homeade.
just randomly random.

and i love it.

you see: growing up we had this fun & tender tradish.

every year my parents & grandparents would gift each of us kids an ornament, usually to be given to us while decorating the tree. we each accumulated our own little collection from over the years. and continue to collect.

when i got married, i got to take my 38+ ornaments for my own tree.
i am highly sentimental...so this is very fun for me.

this cute lil angel is the first one i can remember.
{i've had her forev.}

some are broken, but i don't care, i just perch 'em on a branch.

i have lots of fish ones.
i {really} love fish, if you didn't know that about me.

this is {by far} my favorite ornament of all time.
i'd say i got her in '88 or so.
{isn't she just so charmingly chubby.}
i'd cry if she broke.
and then i'd super glue her & put her back up.

myron & i are carrying on the fun tradition with chloe.
so far she has 3 ornaments & counting.
this candy cane is this year's installment.

{i just love christmas.}
it makes me happy.

more festive fun tomorrow!

happy sunday!


Unknown said...

was one of those ornaments a cabbage patch kid? it kinda looked like it! that is such a cute tradition though! i like this year's pick for chloe too!

Coree Adams said...

What a fun tradition! I love it! We get a new family ornament every year. First year was 2 wedding bears, then there was a prego mommy bear and a daddy bear, then there was a mommy and daddy bear with a baby bear, and we still need to go get our new one for this year. I LOVE IT!

Kate said...

I will have 50 plus when I finally decide to free up some spaces on my mother's tree! I LOVEY love that tradition. And I oh so love knowing that we have many of the same ornaments. My cabbage patch girl is also well-loved. :)

Kim said...

How fun to remember each ornament as you decorate your tree and to carry on the tradition with Chloe.

We started almost the same kind of tradition with each of our kids. Ashley gets an Angel, Bryce a Snowman, Ally a Gingerbread girl/boy and Aubrey a Bear.

Family Traditions are the BEST!

Kaytie Brown said...

I love your tree. I LOVE traditions. I love LOVE that you are "highly sentimental".

The*Evans*Family said...

Fun idea! I wonder if Carson would think that's fun. I can see him as a teenager thinking I'm weird. I LOVE ornaments. Everytime I go to Target (about every other day) I have to stroll through and look at all the ornaments while Carson enjoys his popcorn and I sip on my Mt. Dew.

Oh and how do you keep Chloe's separate? Do they go on the tree too?

Staci said...

Your tree is BEAUTIFUL! We have the same tradition in our family...and we'd always write the year of the ornament on the bottom somwhere in a black sharpie...so it is fun to see what year I got them, as I decorate the tree!

I'm excited to start the tradition with Parker, now that we have a kid...but I haven't found the ornament I want to give him yet?!

Laurie said...

What a fun tradition! The tree looks great!

Marilyn said...

That's such a great tradition! I wish I had done that with my kids...but oh well...

Alisse Baldwin said...

The tree looks like it came from a movie and/or a maagzine. Love it!

•stephanie• said...

seriously . . . christmas with little kids is the best. enjoy it while you can. sooner than you know, your baby will be 18! love your ornament collection. what a nice family tradition.

Em said...

My family did the same thing. I still haven't gotten the kids an ornament this year though. Your tree looks so good. My tree has about 10 ornaments on it. We are just so festive.

Stoddard Studios said...

It's funny you should meantion this tradition. I was just thinking a few days ago that I want to do that for my kids....because my poor little tree doesn't have any ordaments on it. I don't want to just go buy some dumb balls. I want the ordaments to have meaning. I was wishing my parents had givin me some though the years so I'd have some memories to hang up. And now, seeing your totally awesome ordaments you've gotten through the years makes me wish they had even more. How cool are your ordaments? It's decided...I'm going to start that tradition! Thanks for the inspiration.

Mark Dixon said...

We had a great time decorating our tree last night. It will be fun seeing Chloe's response when she come's over!

cori said...

perfect tree for the perfect family! love, cori

traditions make everything all warm and cozy.

granny said...

We FINALLY decorated our tree last night. I went to get the new ornaments for the kids and broke Holl-Doll's getting it out, so, maybe later, eh? I'm happy you still like the tradition.