an invitation...

remember this post?

well, because i ♥ this product so much,
i have decided to have a little par-tay celebrating it's gloriousness!

my cute friend lynsey evans is a scentsy
demonstrator & she's gonna come chill @ my house with me

this comin' thursday
february 21st
from 7-9pm
come & go

{seriously all of you}

if you are my blog/work/church/life acquaintance & would like to join in the fun/check out the scents-n-warmers...please EMAIL me @ angieinpink@gmail.com & I'll send ya directions to my casa!

[i sent some of you legit invites, but I didn't have all your addy's!]

NO pressure: just totally come & chill, kick-back, chat, relax, talk, laugh, meet friends, check out the product, and purchase if you wanna!


lyns is gonna bring over the basket of scents to my abode a couple of days early...so if you can't come to the party, but still want to order...just email me too!


but to further entice you into coming:

*EVERYTHING scentsy will be 10% off!!


*i will be making my MIL's *tasty* salsa & a few other yummy refreshments!


eat, sniff, & be merry!!!
mark your calendars...


see you then &
{happy weekend}


sandalloons40 said...

I would love to come if that is ok as I was thinking about selling these. Looks wonderful. I sell Avon for 14 years, Heartstring designers, sold tupperware for 1 year(to get my free kitchen stuff), sold sandalloons for 7 years(now they are in two resorts, selling) and so I was thinking with everything maybe this. I would love to come and check these out. Look safe and so neat.
Thank you!

sandalloons40 said...

If I can come, I can bring some snack too, really I love to help.
Hey, maybe I can bring Tammy, hum, I will go on her blog and ask. If you see her, will you ask her? She can ride with me since we are 2 blocks away.

Someday, I would love for you to come and visit and see the animals but, me casa is very old and worn out like the owners and we are in the process of some remodeling. So, when we finish, we will let you know so you can bring over Chloe sweet child to play with the animals ok? Just so happens this hen house is quite the mud house now. Yikes. I love the rain though.

Ok, well thanks for always thinking of everyone!

Kim said...

I would love to come. I have been wanting to order one of these. Please email me the info. See ya then☺

Sassy said...

Angie, you are just the sweetest...I love all of your comments on my blog, please keep visiting. I haven't seen you in real life for so long. This scentzy{?} stuff is the best thing, I love it. I would love to try and come if I can fit it in, I know that sounds funny telling you because you are soooooo busy. Thanks for the ♥'s. Love them.

Unknown said...

bummer, i can't make it. love scentsy. have a fun time!

The Parkers said...

I won a scentsy in a drawing and then got another one for Christmas and I am in love...so anyone reading this and can go...I suggest it...cause I LOVE LOVE LOVE mine!!! (which I could go Angie...unfortunately living in freezing cold Idaho kind of prevents that) PS I love reading your blog, I look forward to seeing what you have to say and what you are up to...it puts a smile on my face! -Ally

Coree Adams said...

I sure hope I can come!!! Bryan works late that night, so we'll have to see. I NEED some more scents!

katie said...

ah! How perfect! I was *seriously* just trying to explain these to Steven so he would buy me one for my birthday in march! You should email me directions, cause I will totally be there (as long as nothing happens to mess up that plan).

Kaelene said...

Okay, Ang, I want to come! However I have a RS activity first! I am sending my email address to yours!

The Wizzle said...

Dang, I really want to come! David has class that night so I'll have to try to find alternate childcare arrangements...I cannot say no to the salsa!