april fools, shmapril shmools.

fer real.

why you ask?
'cause i'm 97.3% gullible.

thus me=fool {pretty much} all day.

so i thought that in honor of a lil april-fools-bahumbug, i'd post a list of legit facts you may or may not be wondering about me. {no april fools-ing allowed.}

fact: we sold the truck this weekend to a cute blogger's son that's gonna fix 'er up. and i visit the garage about every 10 minutes to make sure it's not a dream. i'm ever-so grateful to the new owners.

fact: i sorta feel like rapunzel in this picture 'cause my hair is passed my ear lobes.

fact: me and 3 million 12 year olds have a crush on dread-lock-boy aka jason castro. {it's true}

fact: every time i think of my little brother{s} randomly quoting rescuers down under a couple weeks ago..."mmm, pea soup"....i die laughing for about 5 minutes. {maybe you just had to be there}

fact: me & george {forman, that is} made really dry chicken for dinner tonight.

fact: my little sister holly is everything i wish i was in junior high.

fact: i'm not pregnant; just really chubby.

fact: before bed-ish is my new blogging/email time.

fact: my upstairs is always dirtier than my downstairs, which can be kinda scary.

fact: i'm runnin' a lil 4-miler in two-ish weeks with r-dawg & myron. actually, i might be walking.

fact: my daughter is ghandi. she won't eat.

fact: i'm leaving for a cali-roadtrip this weekend!

fact: i'll post after pics of the scrapbook room/previous black hole once i get my act togetha & finish up.

fact: my activity day girls are so sweet & smart & fabulous. i just love them.

fact: i've watched 'dan in real life' three times this week.

fact: i'm headed to wally world after this, need anything?

fact: it's been a pretty fab-ish day.

{hope yours was the same}

happy tuesday!


Michelle said...

awww...how I love the angie blog...NICE TO HAVE TO BACK.

and yes, I did notice that you blogged yesterday. But I was so freaked out by the "happy april" that I thought this was going to be your one and only post and that I just could not bear.

Peter ALMOST got me today. I was pretty good and felt better about myself for catching on 2 3/4 sentences in. I thought of a REALLY GOOD but even MORE MEAN april fools joke to get him but it involved a warehouse fire and "some" new scrapbook book...figured it was just way beyond mean.I think that was a really good call.

Happy april fools. Sorry you were 'taken' a couple times today. Promise everything I just said, while crazy boring, is all true.

OH!! and no, I haven't forgotten about your special tax form. Having a problem finding them. go figure - 2 months after the dealine and they aren't lining the shelves at staples. stupid supply and demand! haha

Nicole and Gene Cope said...

Okay so Chloe's dress and of course, Chloe are absolutely ADORABLE!!!
I am so glad that you are not blog fasting anymore;)
I love the scentsy! Thank you so much. I am sorry I missed you. I left the store about 11:15am...I must have just missed you.
Have fun in Cali! Sorry you won't be able to come to the B-Day party:(
Take care and WELCOME BACK!!!

Nicole and Gene Cope said...

PS-You look MAHVELOUS!!!

Mark Dixon said...

Great photo!

Unknown said...

Hi, Did you change you hair style? Well, I have to tell you sometime how my niece joked me and yes I bought it. LOL
Ok, hey why is everyone, or 4 of you all going to california this weekend? Just curious. thanks for letting me purchase the kits as I totally forgot the class with my totally sleepy brain. LOL
take care

Kaelene said...

Angie - you are too darling! Love that photo! And, I'm glad you are a blogger! Can't wait to see your scrappy room!

Kristen said...

Love the hair! And you are not chubby.

Unknown said...

You look ever so adorable in that photo!!! You are probably one of the sweetest people I have ever met!! Thanks for the great scrapbook pages, I believe you spoiled me!!!! ;)

I am gullable too, my hubby got me last thing last night as I was drifting off to sleep, I thought I got through the day without any tom-foolery... APRIL FOOLS to me!

cori said...

happy april back to you. love your picture, and whatever you are so not chubby. and i mean it. that is a fact.

fact. you are an awesome friend.

fact. you are scrapbook queen/genius.

fact. cutest mother to the cutest little girl.

fact. so funny, its not even funny. like i am serious about how funny you are.

fact. wish we lived closer.

fact. yes. its a fact, that stinks.

fact. love ya!

Em said...

Fact: You look so pretty in that pic. I love your new hair!

Coree Adams said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE your hair in that BEAUTIFUL picture! Dane was asking to play with Chloe outside today. Let's get together soon!

granny said...

I'm an expert at cooking dry chicken. But I learned a trick from Garry...if you coat it first with oil it seems to hold in the juices better when you bbq or use jorge`. And don't cook it too long, which is my downfall 'cause I'm so scared of not cooking it enough. Arrgh.

Unknown said...

And the most amazing fact is.............. you are my friend. as well as a friend to all!
thanks for that!

Annie said...

Angie, you look gorgeous! LOVE the hair. Thanks for coming back. I've missed you...

Laura Blue said...

i love you. i love little chloe. i love reading all your posts. you're such an uplifting person. you're an inspiration. you make me happy and want to dress cute. wish i could take fab pics like you. wish i had your lingo. you're just totally awesome and i miss seeing ya. give chloe and hug for me. you should post a video of her talking... just for me. tee hee i miss hearing her voice. happy wednesday

amy mo said...

I'm gullible too. I really believed that American Idol was cancelled, until he mentioned Simon Cowell. I love the holiday though.

Ok so here's my inevitably waay too long rant about American Idol...(sorry)...

At first I thought David Cook was way over-rated (along with David Archuleta! What is it with him & his humongo popularity??) and I wasn't a fan, but then I stumbled across some of his music (I'm guessing) from before Idol & I fell in love. So now he's in my top 3 with Carly & Brooke, and I want Brooke to win. Not cuz I'm following the Mesa Mormon crowd, but cuz I was a fan of hers before Idol. I met her at a small little concert she had at the Mesa Arts Center awhile ago, we bought her CD that she signed for us, and we talked to her for a little while.
I think someone like her deserves to win.

Ok, I think that's it. Feel free to comment back with a long rant of your own opinions as well. Maybe I'll feel less lame.

The Wizzle said...

Hey, are you growing your hair out? I am, but you're totally way ahead of me. Mine is still in hardcore mullet-land, sadly, where it is likely to remain for the next 6 months or so. Yours looks great - is it darker too?

kacee said...

Can I just say that you take the best pictures! I have been trying to take pictures of my new hair cut all night and it just kept getting worse! Maybe next time...

Thanks for brightening my April -so glad you are back!

P.S. I am all about Jason Castro too! Love the goofy crooked smile.

Kaytie Brown said...

"mmm, pea soup" just gave me a really good laugh. I know Disney movies way too well I guess. And I am SO with you about the upstairs/downstairs business. Ryan always comes home and says "The house looks really nice"... which means he hasn't been upstairs yet :)

Unknown said...

glad you´re back. your blog always makes me happy. i love your hair color right now, so pretty!!! and i love dan in real life, one of the greatest movies ever!

ForeverSarahLee said...

I friggin' loved Dan In Real Life. Funny! And hey, I really really really like your hair in that pic. Uber cute!

Well Ang, thatnks so much for all that you said. I just have to keep telling myself that I can do this, I will be ok, things will work out. Remeber remember remember, I keep telling myself. Lol!

I actually don't have your digits. I only knew them from the S, Etc. comps. Lol! But hey, here's mine... 480-307-3602
Thanks for being a friend girly!

Suzy Cummard said...

Fact: you are adorable (not at all chubby!!!)

Fact: you are super creative!

Fact: You inspire me all of the time!

Fact: I love your blog, even if I am the worst blogger!

katie said...

fact: april 1st is the day my parents brought tyler and me home from the hospital. it's our "we-gotcha-day"

fact: i really want to watch 'dan in real life' but just have forgotten to get around to it... but i'll have to because it must be good.

fact: i kinda feel annoying mimicking your blog entry, but it's kinda fun. but i'm going to stop anyway.

Drew and Tarah said...

are you doing the pat tilman run?

Sassy said...

I too Love YOU, your blog, your hair, little little one and can't wait to see your room all done up the Angie in Pink way!!!!

Missy said...

So would that 4 miler run your running/walking in 2 weeks be the Pat Tillman Run? If so... we just might meet face 2 face!!! I will be the one with the kids all around saying..."Run, Mom, Run...the race is over and you haven't even finished Mile 2!" LOL! Last year, Garrett tripped me on accident/purpose 1/4 through the race and I went rolling down the hill and almost took out 20 runners in the process. Look for me for some great entertainment...I am great at embarrassing myself.

P.S. I vote your daughter's Easter Dress as THE CUTEST EASTER DRESS on Blogger.com this year. Seriously...she is so, so cute.

Sassy said...

Angie, I have tagged you. Please check my blog for the rules.