*back from cali & had a fabulously refreshing time with my awesome friends.

*busy, busy, busy...catching up on playtime with my fam, preparing for {the happiest class on earth} tomorrow, & devouring my dvr'd conference sessions.

*blogger.com didn't let me post pics today or thursday. what is up? a big { so sorry} to those of you who are waiting to peak @ my layouts from class last week, &/or for class in the morn.

*be back tomorrow...cross your fingers that the picture thingy will be workin' so my blog-life can be more visually pleasing. {thanks.}

happy monday.


granny said...

Busy, busy girl. Remember to breathe, OK?

Breanna and Martin said...

Hey Ang! I hope you got the jewelry, I told them to put it in your box :-)

p.s. what is this cleanse you speak of, I want to know more!

Laura Blue said...

can't wait to see pics... sounds like you had fun.

Kylie said...

Sounds like a busy, fun, crazy time over at your casa! Can't wait to see the layouts, I am sure they will be cute as always!!

mom of fab five said...

WOW it is hard to believe that it has already been TWO years. Just cherish this time because without warning it will be over before you know it and they start leaving home.....

Leigh ann