hijacked by a two year old

dear bloggers,

thanks {so much} for all the happy birthday wishes. i had a really fun b-day week & my relatives/friends spoiled me so, so much. being 2 is "awe-thum," as i would say.

my mom wanted me to tell you that she feels like her blog is getting really boring.
she's gonna try to kick it up a notch in the near future...but she can't make any promises. (:

until then,
*sleep tight & don't let the bed bugs bite.

oh, and if you can't fall asleep 'cause your mom is trying to take away the binky....
just scream super loud, until she gives in.
{it totally works.}

hugs & kisses,


runningfan said...

Dear Chlo Bow,

You are the best blogger! You totally made me laugh out loud (almost enough to wake your THREE sleeping cousins) at precisely 12:40 a.m.

I'm sorry your mom's a meanie and taking away your binky. Sometimes Moms hafta do dumb stuff. You could get back at her by learning to suck your thumb. She can't ever take that away.

I betcha look cute in your new flower towel. Send me a pic.


Aunt Heidi

runningfan said...

P.S. Tell your mom she is the most UN-boring person on the face of the planet, and if she quits blogging the internet might die. (Remember, she's super gullible.)

Unknown said...

i concur! ang, you are not boring AT all! the internet would die without you! (: chloe, glad to hear you had a great birthday!!! you're a cutie!

Stephanie said...

Angie you are the best blogger, I look forward to checking you out every day! Cutest post ever by the way. Glad you had a great birthday Chloe!

Kaelene said...

Yay, Chlo Bow can blog!! Woo hoo!
Angie, I look forward to reading your blog . . .so NOT boring!
Keep up the good work!

kacee said...

chloe - please tell your mom that she is the most un-boring blogger I know. She is my inspiration. and you, my dear, are too cute!

Kate said...

Chloe, I hope I someday have a kid just like you. And I have always hoped to someday be as awesome slash funny as your mom is. Even if she is a binky stealer. Love you both!

Jackie said...

Tell your "Mommy" she is totally not boring, as she is my inspiration!!

About the binky.....Chloe you so need to meet Shelby. She will be three this Friday. I had to be a bad mommy too and take the binky away. We had a binky party and threw them all in the garbage. We also went out and bought a new baby doll that had a binky attached to it. This way when Shelby felt the need for a binky, she gave it to the baby doll instead.

Hope that helps! Tell mommmy I will see her soon!!

Macey said...

It's good to hear from you Chloe-good luck with the Binky thing-that's a toughy

Coree Adams said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Chloe your mom rocks which is why you rock. I NEED some Angie/Chloe time. When can we play girls???

Annie said...

The most adorable picture of Chloe yet! I love bath photos so much. Bath photos of babies that is! :)

Chloe's mom is the most un-boring person I know...and I know a lot of people.

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the blog, and would hate not seeing adorable Chloe and her totally cute and fun mom in cyberworld.

katie said...

haha! you really do talk for chloe! that's so funny! this seriously made my day, which is good, because paisley has been really sick the past two weeks, and it makes my little katie heart sad.

Chelsea said...

Angie you are so awethum. I love this post!! You too Miss Chloe!
Good luck with the Binky business. We tried 800 times with Carter and he did the same thing. At right at 2 1/2 he finally got all his "pops" together and sent them to Heavenly Father and Jesus because they ran out of them in heaven and all the babies were crying. It was the only thing that worked for him. And luckly he only cried for a short few days for it. He then got a super amazing super hero toy. I am dreading taking Cash's!! GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!

Kim said...

Chloe you're a great little blogger, guess you get it from your mommy. I also know that you are a "BIG GIRL!" and don't need your binky any more.

Tell your mom to hang in there and I do have the stuff I put on Ally thumb and it might work on a binky too. It only took Ally about a week. Let me know ☺

The Fletchies said...

ten points for being a mom that gives into screaming children. being mean to kids to make them learn is so over rated.

Lisa said...

Perfectly cute picture. You take awesome pictures!

I'm so scared for the time when I have to take the pacifier away.

Hannah is so addicted to it. She would choose it over me in life or death situations. Hope it never comes to that.

The Wizzle said...

Dude, Eve is totally going to have her binky for sleeping times until...well, maybe until she's married. After that her husband can try to take it away, because I'm not gonna! You are braver than I am, that's for sure!

happy birthday Bow! We love you!

cori said...

oh chloe. you made my day. so tute.

and tell your mom hi for me.

sorry about the pacifier. growing up is hard to do...no fun. i agree.

Kapri said...

um yeah...so with you on the binky thing! You've never seen a 10 year old with a binky right? there must be an end in sight! :)

Stoddard Studios said...

Ha ha. Too cute.

K- wanna know the BEST way to get your kid off the binky? It literally took my son Bryson like a day or two to get off of it (and he was like 2 1/2 years old when I did it)this way.

Here goes: You cut off the part they suck on (almost all the way to the plastic) so when they put it in their mouth, it pops right out and falls to the ground. Of course they cry when that happens and hand it to you wanting you to fix it. But you just say {in a sweet voice}, "ohh no, it's broken!" and start laughing. They should start laughing too. Then whenever they ask for it after that, give them the "broken" binky. They will probably throw it on the ground and ask for a new one. You just remind them again that it's broken and laugh. See this way us nice mommies can't give in and give it back to them because we literally can't. It's broken! Within a few days your child should forget about it. Try it, It's like magic.