the short list

well hello again:

i haven't been much of an angieinpink blogger
these days 'cause i been too busy:

*enjoying arizona's spring
*organizing my healthy blog
*giving up pepsi
*teachin' & workin'
*making messes
*livin' la vida loca

hope you're having a
{happy week!}


Laura Blue said...

glad to see more pics. sad that it was so short, but you have been very busy so i understand. i'm glad that myron got a job. i had no idea he was without one. so it sounds like your life has been a little crazy. best of luck with everything! congrats on the job myron

Staci said...

Crazy that it is swim weather again already! I think we will all be spending more time in the pool & less time indoors...blogging:)

Coree Adams said...

that's a really cute picture...can't wait to take the kiddos swimming!

Kaytie Brown said...

FUN FUN!! WAY jealous of the swimming weatha!

Alisse Baldwin said...

How come I can never think of clever endings like "livin la vida loca"?? You're so witty/cute/I think I love you.

I don't know if you saw, but She's Got it All is having another boutique this weekend. Come hang if you'd like!

Anonymous said...

luv those pictures!!
It's not hot enough to swim here in TN, but it won't be too long! :) Your hubby & baby are TOOO cute!!!

Unknown said...


Is your Chloe taking swimming lessons? Oh how cute or just fun in the pool.
I was thinking of us building one before but, don't know as we want to perhaps build a house on this land.

Ok, well, I told you I am taking MOXIE right????? YIPPEE!
can't wait. just as excited as creative escape. I am in loads of swaps for CE also and the girls on the groups are so great.

take care

Brimley Family said...

How nice to be swimming! We are still getting snow every now and then!