It's up & runnin' folks!
I'm {so} excited 'bout this!

If you still wanna join the party...it's never too late!
Just email me! {angieinpink@gmail.com}

If you signed up, and for some reason aren't on there...lemme know.
{I'm sort of an airhead.}

Happy double blogging to get rid of my double chin{s}!


Kaelene said...

My nephew, who is 5 1/2, LOVES to watch "Biggest Loser" with his parents. He told his mom that he wants to go on that show when he gets big. (Obviously not quite grasping the purpose of going on the show, at least for himself!)
But then, he asked me yesterday, "Do you want to go on "The Biggest Loser? You would be just right for it . . ." He is so cute and probably much smarter than he should be! :(
He said, "Alli went on there and she WON!" It was so cute, because it was like he knows her personally, or something.

Stoddard Studios said...

Yeah! So excited!

mishalee said...

Yay! Angie I sent you an email with my picture, but I'm MIA on the blog.....I'll resend.

Lisa said...

I bought my jogging stroller today, so I'm on my way. Wahoo!

Anonymous said...

Tonight I went on an hour walk while my kids rode their bikes! It was a Brisk walk....it felt good!!
I'm on my way to a longer, healthier life....not to mention getting into my cute jeans again.....:) ooh..I can't wait!

Pam said...

Double blogging gets rid of double chins? I'm off to start a 2nd blog! LOL!

I walked for 35 minutes yesterday too so I'm at least sticking to the exercise thing! And drinking more water. I think I ate pretty good too but I need to start writing it down.

R Clan said...

Hey! You don't know me but I am Katie's boyfriend sister. =) So, I read about this on her website. I would absolutely love to join. I will send you an e-mail shortly. I want to lose like 50 pounds and I hope I can do it by the end of the year.

Jenn Daniels said...

Angie - as I am reading your blog I am eating a piece (read: loaf) of banana bread! So proud of you girly! Sign me up. I'll email you soon!