Anyone in??

Okay, so was anyone else so completely & utterly inspired by this?

I was. I cry like a baby every single episode.

And she won. Go cute her.

Go everyone that participated, I say.

I’ve got chills. {They’re multiplyin’.}


Since we all know I live my life as an open book on this here blog, I’ll let y’alls in on a little secret:

I’m really jealous her. And so very inspired by her glowing look of health. Her confidence. Her victory over addiction & bad habits. Her totally rock-star-ness.

I am the very first person in this world to say that the inside is what matters. I believe whole heartedly in loving yourself & others for their spirit, their smile, their hearts…and nothing else. I don’t believe that being skinny is everything. I cringe at what an emphasis being thin is to young girls around the world. I feel this constant urgency to speak out against all the pressure to be a size 2 & this certain mold-of-a person society has set as the standard. Ask all that are close to me: I feel very passionately about this topic & if you ever wanna ruffle my feathers, just make inappropriate comments about someone’s weight in front of me. {and then watch your back, hehe.}

That being said: I desire a healthful life for myself & my lil family. I desire to feel comfortable in my own skin. I want to feel like I am taking the upmost care of the amazing temple that God has blessed me with. I have oodles of confidence in the fact we are all children of God with purpose & direction…and I want that light to shine as bright as it possibly can from the inside, all the way out.

But! I really like pepsi. And hydrogenated fat. And being sort of lazy & ordering take out. And prioritizing my to-do list where exercise is below something like “re-paint the baseboards”.

So here’s the deal.

I’m kicking off my own "Biggest Loser" of sorts.

And it shall be called: well, I'm not sure yet.

It begins Monday morning, 6am mountain standard time.
{I don’t even know what that means, but I just wanted to say it, to feel important.}

ALL that want to join the movement are welcome & absolutely free to participate!
{Even if I barely/don’t know you!}

I'm doing it no matter what...but I thought I'd let whoever's interested in on the party, if you wanted! (:

I will be starting a new blog, in addition to this one, completely dedicated to my/our endeavors.

It will be a place for me to post inspirational thoughts, quotes by awesome people, daily encouragement, healthy recipes, and my random life’s drama through my lil weight-loss ride. It will be a blog where comments are welcome to assist each others’ success as we endure along & pick each other up when we “accidentally” take a generous-sip from Myron’s Route 44.

It does not matter if you have 5.8 lbs or 150+ lbs to lose.
This is all about being a healthier & happier version of yourself.

I’m really excited about {conquering} bad habits & achieving goals.
Together, I & whoever wants to participate...can all ROCK!

BTW, this is all way out of my comfort zone.
I realize that this is a private issue for most people, including myself.
But I am willing to try something new, for a fun & rewarding experience.

A wise man once said…

“"Where performance is measured, performance improves. Where performance is measured and reported, performance improves dramatically.
Where performance is measured and reported publicly, performance improves exponentially."

–Thomas S. Monson (:


If you want to, send me a picture…it can be just a head shot, whatev…

and then include a short phrase of why you are takin’ on the challenge to live a healthier life.

For example:

*Angie Dunn: to be the healthiest & happiest I can be.

Don’t worry, *your current weight, goal weight, goals, all of that is for your own personal business. I’m just going to post photos down the side of the blog all of the cool peeps that have made a commitment to hop on the bandwagon!

After 12 weeks, I will have y’alls submit your success stories! And one lucky recipient will win a *special-snail-mail package* from yours truly. It definitely won’t be worth 250K, but it’ll be bright, happy, fun & filled with things that I totally love.

But most of all, in 12 short weeks, we will be well on our way to living in complete confidence in who we are & what we can achieve!

Sound cool?

K, email me your pix:


Oh, and have a happy week, k?

PS: stay tuned next week o’ angieinpink for lots of tags…i’ve been “it” for quite sometime….


Em said...

Ooo... I'm so in! Watch your email in box... I'll work on a picture. I so need to do something like this. I wish I could have seen the finale of that one I forgot to record it. Oh Well, 12 weeks here we come... Thanks for the inspiration Ang... Love You!

cori said...

i love that shirt you are wearing...can i borrow it? when i become your size? hurley me. i know a cute shirt when i see one. am i right or am i right?

now. when you don't blow your whistle can i blow mine. i like to be captain sometimes.

count me in dawg. and lets lose it. together.

cori said...

and i am so so excited to meet all your friends.

hi, i am cori.

can you all tell me whats on your workout/runnin' playlist?

i need a good one.

love, cori and her ipod.

runningfan said...

YGG! I'm ALL about it. Thanks for taking the initiative. Can't wait for the new blog.

Beth Curtis said...

You totally inspired me. I have been tae bo-ing it up all week and eating pretty well so this is the perfect time to keep me on track! You are a rockstar!

Marilyn said...

Yay! Count me in. I am always for health and fitness and all that good stuff. I love the new photo of you...new hair??? My DD is a nearly to graduate ASU person in food & nutrition so we talk about all this stuff ALL the time. Glad to join in the fun...whoo hooo..

Annie said...

I'M in, Angie! Thanks for getting this going. Maybe THIS will keep me honest about the jalapeno chips. Sheesh! I love those things, but I love it more that my clothes might fit again...someday.

You are an inspiration--your goals, sense of humor, awesome momness, talent, devotion to your faith and family...you rock.

Sassy said...

OH I am so wanting to be part of this... mainly for motivation and for your constant large dose of vitamin HAPPY! Please can I come play?

mom of fab five said...

i LOVE the fact that when i got to the end of your blog the picture of the pink cupcakes was there taunting me. YES TAUNTING. So i am trying to decide if i WANT to embark on this endeavor--I know i need to, but what will i do to make some sort of weight loss happen--I just don't know.

Kim said...

Can I just stay you Rock! Count me in I can't wait. I'll email you my picture soon.

Unknown said...

Cried every time too... and Bernie! I was so inspired by all of them... but wanted Ali- man she is a hottie!

And I am so in... you bet your boots I went to the gym twice today! Watch your inbox babe! Thanks for the inspiring challenge... bring it!

chris+amber said...

WAIT FOR ME!! I just gotta birth this kid and then I'd love to join this fun endeavor. Gimme 7ish weeks, por favor. You're the queen of inspiring others. For shizzle. Those cupcakes are TDF and thankfully I am still allowed to have one of those...it's for the baby! ;o)

amy mo said...

I'M IN! I'M IN! I watched the season finale of BL even though I never watched an episode of that season before, & ya I wanna be like her. My food addiction is kicking my will-power's booty. & Holy coincidence, because I JUST posted about how I want to break my bad food habits, and I even mentioned biggest loser.

I'm not gonna lie, I feel kind of like a weirdo for always commenting (very long comments) on your blog since I really don't know you THAT well, but I just can't resist joining this challenge. This may just be the motivation I need.

...sorry, the comment's getting even longer, but...I can most definitely relate to your last post. 100%.

Megan said...

Ok, I am so in!! You will be gettin a picture of me soon! :) I would love to know what is on everyone else's workout playlist too.

Nicole and Gene Cope said...

Okay I am so in...I will send you a pic soon. I have been trying to make a lot of life changes right now in that department. It's only been a couple of weeks and I already feel so much better. You are so great to be such and inspiration and get things going like this.
It will be great to have a "support" system so to speak without having to pay the $600 that my fertility doctor suggested.
I am totally excited!!!
Have a great one Ang!

Unknown said...

Ok, I am in since I have weighed 210 lbs for 10 years now. I had the hysterectomy and that puts on weight plus the hormones. so, gosh I feel good but, I really need to get down to 160 some how.
I exercise as we have our 3rd membership now and I eat good, don't like chocolate and that many sweets.

See the deal is I can eat 1 whole pizza, 10 hotdogs(never tried) in one sitting or just good nutrition and still weigh the same.

this is the heaviness I have been in my whole entire life so far.

My doc. says this is the hormones helping this weight plateau.

So, I shall send a photo here and now above you know my weight size. Yikes. I feel good though and that is what is important except I know it would be more better for my health if I can lose the weigh portion. Having this route, I feel more stronger, muscle wise.


Kaelene said...

Okay, I'm in, too! Maybe this will help me be accountable o someone besides myself about my excersize (or lack thereof!!) habits!
You truly are an inspiration, Ang! I will send a photo soon!

Unknown said...

This is such a fabulous idea!! If I weren't pregnant I would jump on the bandwagon with ya'll. I love having a support system for endeavors like this. GOOD LUCK EVERYBODY! :)

The Fletchies said...

Loving your bangs. I'm talking myself into it...it's a fabulous idea. So I'm talking myself into it. Maybe the fact that the husband has lost 15 pounds without me will do the trick.

Emmy Z. said...

Count me in, too! I've been doing this on my own for the past 2 months anyway. I even started my own private blog to record my own victories/failings. However, staying accountable to many other peeps will undoubtedly help. It's time to get the abs and hips ready for swim suits!

Debbie said...

I am so in. I love reading your blog and totally need someone to have to answer to, and turn to for support. :) Thanks for the challenge.

Lisa said...

I'm in for sure! I'm in the middle of a life makeover right now. Joining your cause will help me keep up the motivation.

Goal: Eat healthy foods and find the happy medium on the sweets.

Start my life of being in shape. (I've never been good at exercising) Just because your skinny, doesn't mean your in shape.

Dewitt's said...

WOW, REALLY I DON'T KNOW YA (personaly) BUT YOU WOULD OF HAD ME IN WITH A WHOLE BUNCH OF STRANGERS, SWEATIN TO THE OLDIES! YOUR AMAZING AND INSPIRING AND WHAT A GREAT FOLLOWING YOU HAVE! GOOD FOR YOU AND GOOD LUCK!!! I'm just going to keep getting bigger(little creature in my belly)as I keep track of your fun little endeavor!

-thanks for the comment on my blog, come in sometime I'll give ya a freebie just for being so great,(i'm sure out of the zillion peeps you know you have someone already)but it could be my excuse to meet ya! ; )

Jolene George said...

Count me IN Angie! I HAVE to get in shape NOW so I don't die up at girls camp...which I discovered is a real possibility. Not only do I have to get in shape, but I have to loose weight...like a good 40+ pounds...seriously! In 12 weeks I hope to get off at least a good 1/3 to 1/2 of that.
Thanks for starting this challenge. I need some motivation.

Kate said...

@ Angie--you are an amazing human. I heart your positivity and your generally wonderful outlook on all things, even challenges. Count me in!
@EmmyZ--you and I are working on the same target. The abs and hips must change, and they will! :)

Chelsea said...

I think/want to join you. This sounds awesome, just my life is a tad nutty right now and 'I' get put on the back burner during it. So I may join you late....

As far as the cupcake post goes. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!! I soooooo needed that! You and your sis are so inspirational!!!

Lori said...

Finally someone and probably a lot of someones to be inspired with. I am a very regular customer at the store and see you a lot in there. I am almost 50 and I've found that with that big round number comes extra pounds and a very week metabolism (did I spell that right?). So I am in. I will email you my picture.

lizzywrite said...

Oh Ang, look at what you've started! You are such an amazing girl with your positivity. That's why I love being friends with you all these years.

This whole "Biggest Loser" thing has changed a lot of lives. Ironically, I am heading up a weight loss challenge at my office and, thanks to my company and their "Wellness Department", the winner gets $1,000 on top of their new bod! I'm really excited and have already lost 4 pounds so I know that everyone can do it!

I'll definitely be sending you in a picture.

brookeisacrazylady said...

great idea. i'm cori's sister in law who found you through her blog. i'm like 2x a month checker.

i'm brooke in LA and my friends in Hurricane, UT check your blog too (regularly... named Chani and Misty...hopefully they start commenting too)

and told me about your idea cause i am needing to conquer my sugar addiction. it is severe.

Skye said...

I want to do this too!! I will have a late start though because I have to have my baby first (anytime in the next 4 weeks!) But, I guess it is never to late to start eating better and taking some time to walk everyday. I look forward to getting this baby weight plus the weight of my other 3 kids off for good!
I read in a magazine today at the dr. office that most women die of Heart related problems, and have Osteoporosis problems but we are more worried about Breast Cancer. It went on to say that by just walking 30 min. a day you can lower you risk of all 3 by 40%!! Can you believe it? easy peasy...I just need to do it!

Ali said...

Angie, you have no idea who I am sure, but I am friends with the wonderful Katie and I am so in to your challenge! Will work on the pic things. Thanks Kate for the heads up!

Staci said...

Ali was AMAZING!!! I"m so glad a woman finally one & a Mesa girl! Thanks for inspiring all of us, I'm there!

P.S.My brother is doing a FREE art giveaway if you link him on your sidebar! check it out!

Shauna- said...


My friend Misha is going to, so I will to. I have five fabulous banini boys and one super awesome husband to be with for another seventy five years. So lets get in better shape, tone my body and lose weight.

Cheerio and lets go,


Stoddard Studios said...

I'm SO glad you're starting this. I need to loose my baby weight. It's starting to drive me crazy. My husband and I actually just started working out and eating right. So, this is perfect timing. I've already lost 4 pounds. So, let's see if I can loose the rest. I can't wait for the help of all these wonderful ladies that have signed up. You're such an inspiration. Thank you Angie! You're my HERO!

coltin-n-connersmommy said...

i heard that you are doing this from kaylea. i went to good ol mhs too and grad in 00. anyhwo. I totally have the same pics of her on my blog becuase she is my inspiration. I totally want to do this with you. I'm soooo in. i'll email you a pic l8a. thanks angie, for having the same goals i do. ur awsum-

Kari said...

Ok so this is kinda crazy and you don't know me, but I just had to leave a comment even though I usually don't do this. I was browsing around Blogger today and somehow ended up on your cute, pink blog. I read your Biggest Loser post and was totally touched. :) God totally knew how very much support I need right now and must have sent me here! lol. Anyway, my hubby and I have started a complete health makeover to assist with fertility issues and I have lost 13 lbs so far but am feeling stuck! (I need to lose 12 more!) I would love to join your efforts, if you'll allow total strangers.?. :) But, are u in AZ? Because that is where I am from to! Mesa AZ, born and raised til I was 12-then Flagstaff until 8 months ago.
Anyway, I'm not a weirdo-just thought this was super-cute!
Take care!

Kari said...

PS My email is karimariep@gmail.com

Em Levy {orange + barrel} said...

You don't know me but I came from Liz's blog. I am totally in. I am a first year law student and I haven't worked out in about two months. I needed some inspiration. Thanks!!

Macey said...

I so loved the finale-way to start a COOL Biggest loser club-very fun. During the finale I kept saying "Ali is so cute"-what an inspiring girl.

Amy said...

Hey Ang-
Ok so Biggest Loser was so fun to watch. I think I told you this but I went to Beauty School with Bette-Sue. So I was so cheering on Ali and Bette-Sue since the start! But, I really want to do this biggest loser thing. I will have to remember to send you a picture!

Amy said...
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Natalie said...

I'm so glad you wrote about this - I feel exactly the same way. How could you not be so happy for Ali??

I will join in...this summer??? I gotta get me my baby here first - and I have a feeling those extra 25 pounds or so aren't leaving anytime soon. But this summer - yes, yes I will do it. And I will report to you. Just because it will make me feel good. But for now, here's to growing a human - a major project!

Kylie said...

I'm totally in!!! I so need to do this!!!!

Emily Moffat said...

Yea! I'm so excited for this! I can't wait to see these rock hard bodies emerge! This is awesome of you to do Angie and all you committees--GO for it!

Unknown said...

Hi! Hopped on over for this from Jolene's blog! Thanks for doing this! I sent you my email. :)

Kapri said...

45 comments? Ang, you're famous! My friend is best friend's with Bette Sue so I got the inside scoop. Yes, I have a 50 year old friend...we were in YW together as leaders. Good for you starting this! Awesome. I'll join as soon as I'm not pregnant, k? See you tomorrow!