Thanks to all the girlies that came to this class!!!
It was so fun to have ya!

Here are the RGB codes that I told you I'd post:

Black: 0,0,0
Green: 153,204,0
Dark Blue: 102,153,255
Light Blue: 177,233,222
Grey: 95,95,95

Thanks again for comin'!


wanna see one of the reasons i've been MIA on this little blogspot?

it's called moxie.

it's a class i'm teachin' with my peeps heidi schreiber, kelli collins, & amy totty.

it's gonna be a fabulous day with the girls...eatin' lunch, relaxin' with a masseuse & creating THIS fun album:
{perfect for you, your mom, your mom's mom, your baby's momma...whoev.}

everythings included:
8 12x12 layouts
24 4x6 inserts
3 creative cute panels
1 decorated cover.

it's gonna be {a blast.}
and there's still a couple openings...

if you're interested, come & play.
just call this cute store.

{and have a happy monday!}


Sassy said...

soooooo flipping cute...is the class on a weekday? If it is a weekend...I want in the class... YOU ARE SO TALENTED MY FRIEND!!!

Pam said...

Adorable! I love the colors!

Coree Adams said...

holy shneickys! I NEED those layouts! lol so cute ang, wish I could go!

Laura Blue said...

that is such a cute book... i'm jelaous. i too wish i could go. miss ya

amy mo said...

Oh my gosh, I want!! Ahhhh stupid money!

sandalloons40 said...

I am there or be square!!!!!!!!!!
Happy Mother's day to me!!!!

And most of all, Happy Mother's Day to you, I have two cards for ya!

Alisse Baldwin said...

Somehow, even though he is 16 hours away, my little bro heard about Ryan's call... and he wrote in his latest letter to tell him Congrats! So, can you somehow direct him to Elder Sherwood's blog so he can read his personalized note? :o)

Unknown said...

i am so so so in love with this album! it makes me happy to even just look at the pics of it on here!

The*Evans*Family said...

You are always so busy with cute and fun stuff! Someday I hope to be like you. :)

Unknown said...


remind me to tell you this story.
so horrible of someone being mean to us in the scrapbook world. boo hoo. I want your opinion.


p.s. love the 1st song, makes me want to take a long bubble bath and soak like a wrinkled chicken!

Kylie said...

lovin' moxie!!

Lynette N said...

I always love your class projects, and I am hoping to take more of your classes this summer once school is out. What are the chances of getting into your evening Page Kit Paradise class next week? I am first of the waiting list and am hoping to be able to take it with my sister who already registered. Does anyone ever cancel?