a picture's worth a thousand {and one} words

while sorting through photos on my comp
{for my tag yesterday}
i stumbled upon this lovely gem.

ladies & gents...i present to you, anja & angie's college apartment.

even though i only lived there for a {very} short time,
there are SO-ho-ho many memories associated with this picture.

recollections o' the mesa grande condos include:

*the pee-wee herman poster that greeted me in the hall daily

*living across the street from mesa fro yo

*the art studio {aka the second bedroom}

*anj eating nothing but cooked spaghetti & parmesan cheese for three straight months

*the drug-dealin' fam below us

*our music corner by the window

*our fish/mascot harray potta {harry potter pronounced in an english accent} in the glass pitcher above the tv

*random framed pictures of james dean everywhere

*christmas lights around the entire perimeter of our bedroom

*me being cranky about things not being clean

*anja playing "where have all the flowers gone" on the guitar

*always having anja's cool thrifts to borrow @ a moment's notice

*constant blockbuster nights

*when kristen bunked with us on occasion

*being roomates with the coolest girl ever.

{speaking of which: anj, have you had your baby yet?}

perhaps my favorite memory in this apartment was this convo:
{2.5 months after i moved in}

angie: so, anj.
anja: ya?
angie: ya know how i've been hanging out with myron kinda lots?
anja: i think you might have a crush on him.
angie: lol, 'bout that...
anja: hahahahahaha.
angie: like, maybe i'm in love.
anja: what?
angie: ya.
anja: with myron, myron?
angie: ya, like...maybe we're talking about getting married.
anja: {silence}
angie: in like two months.
anja: {freaking out in a good way} ahhhhh!!!
me: ahhhhhhh!!!!

anja: so, you're moving out.
angie: yep.


Jamie said...

Such cute memories!!!

rachbechep said...

im SO SO happy you are back! i want to be like you when i grow up. for reals.

runningfan said...

Fabulous post. Fun memories! Aren't you glad you have 'em?

MeL said...

Now that's funny. Oh I kind of love how parallel our lives are, and how both of us are so ridiculously happy despite the fact that our lives turned out so differently than we thought/planned! I remember writing in my 19 year old journal, "It's like the line in 'While You Were Sleeping', Lucy, life doesn't always turn out the way you expect. If only I realized then that he was talking about MY life." You know? Anyhooooo, Happy 4th (again) and I'm glad we're friends!

sandalloons40 said...

cute you are so funny!

Ok for the cute stamp, that is the cuttlebug embossing plates.

this is the one of the 4 star embossing plates. So, darn cool to use.

I receive some free with my cuddle bug but, I have been purchasing them like crazy. they have one complete 5x7 that you can make the whole page swirly. They are unique other then to use the stamp and the embossing tool.

saves the mess as my gun finally broke after 10 years.

Oh well back that up one moment, loads of them that you can do this or that too.

I just try and do some crazy card each month.

thanks for sharing your cute memories!

If you want to borrow them for a class sometime let me know ok?


Goodmangang said...

Such fun times. I think all girls need to experience living with a room mate before marraige. Fun times.

katie said...

haha! That was so funny! I totally remember you living there and then going over and being all, "where's angle?" and anja saying, "she moved out."

And no, she hasn't had her baby. Its been almost 3 weeks since her appointment with her dr, who said, "I'll see you tonight." but now she's getting close to her due date, so hopefully her contractions will progress. She's been having them on and off for three weeks now.

Kaelene said...

Ang, you are so cute! I love reading about your memories! Love ya!

Coree Adams said...

haha, what a funny convo. I love your bachlorette pad Ang! I wish we would have hung out then!

cori said...

i love reading this conversation... it is so fun to read. i need to tell brooke about this post. we had a very similar conversation.

ya gotta do what ya gotta do...for love!

Amy said...

Such fun memories. And your convo with Anja kind of reminds me of when you told me. Oh I love the gool ol' days!!!

Michelle said...

I will always love hearing that story. I won't even be sad if you don't update for a while cuz i could read this one every day and it'll still make me smile. like for 2 months : )

Sassy said...

WHAT FUN MEMORIES!!!! You are SO CUTE! I love when you tell about your life happenings...you tell it in such a fun way and makes me love ya even more...GOOD TIMES!

Brimley Family said...

Chloe looks so much like you! That is amazing to me! (Pics from previous entry.) My roommate and I had Christmas lights around our bedroom too! It was so fun! I also would get annoyed with a messy house! I had such great times and fond memories living with my roommate, sounds like you do to!