20 years ago i:

1. was 4.98 years old.
2. was kickin’ it old school, in american fork, utah USA.
3. apparently enjoyed sportin’ my little pony underwear inside out and backwards {by accident} on occasion.
4. was ♥ing dolls, barbies, dress ups & very creative imagining.
5. had a baby-crush on our next door neighbor, wesley broadbent.
6. was livin’ up a very happy, carefree childhood.

10 years ago i was:

1. 15-ish/depressive TJH grad.
2. in my awkward-prime. {read: wanted to die}
3. developing an uncanny resemblance to "pat" of the SNL fame.
4. co-founder of ilovefreedom.com.
5. having a love/hate relationship with saturday night dances.
6. hoping that the current boy i liked would “of course dump the perfect supermodel he was with, and realize that i was the one he wanted to grow old with.” {name that movie…}

5 years ago i was:

1. a newly married, mrs. myron lee dunn.
2. home-ifying the bachelor pad & love-love-loving it.
3. working full time register at the scrapbook store with my favorite lesli. {good times…}
4. learning to be a dog owner.
5. loving the security & awesome-ness of married life.
6. gradually falling in love with pepsi.

3 years ago I was:

1. 22 years old.
2. just finding out i was pregnant with my chlo’ & being SO excited about it.

3. barfing in the bushes in between the bread basket & scrapbooks etc. at least once a day.

4. calling in sick a lot & being a very lazy employee.

5. was HFPE leader in my ward.

6. proud of wearing pink chuck taylors nearly everyday.

1 year ago I was:

1. 24 & ever-so content with life.
2. just startin’ to be an everyday-ish blogster.
3. still unpacking boxes {9 months later} after our move to gilbert.
4. recently arriving home from a fabulously relaxing vacay to cancun.
5. hearting my newly installed tile.
6. scrapbooking my guts out.

so far this year i have:

1. stressed more than i want to for the rest of my life.
2. cherished my sweet little family of three like crazy.
3. developed a stronger faith in God & my religion.
4. lost 8 pounds.
5. slep-walked to the mailboxes down the street.
6. acquired a mild appreciation for the UFC.


yesterday i:

1. didn't take any pictures.
2. finished & delivered a handful of bazzill projects.
3. took a really long nap & didn’t feel guilty about it.
4. attended a primary presidency meeting.
5. watched {these cute kids} and my bros jam @ rock band.
6. cried during the autism segment on the glenn beck program.


today i:

1. took my girl for a dip in the pool.
2. hit up danny’s car wash. {7 dollar coupon, baby!}
3. washed & folded several loads of laundry.
4. made a hair appointment for mr. miyagi.
5. am not planning on wearing any make-up.
6. will most likely forget to take the trash to the curb.


tomorrow i:

1. will have a random qwest man at my house for most of the day.
2. hope to finish a personal project i’ve been workin’ on for my scrapbook room.
3. will finish putting together a paper model for a side job i have.
4. am sure i’ll go swimming again.
5. hope i finally finish catching up on my emails
6. plan to find something cute-n-festive in the closet for chloe to sport on the 4th.


in the next year i:

1. want to simplify like crazy.
2. will stop watching so much tv.
3. am planning to bloom where i am planted & see where the Lord leads us.
4. am determined to work my hardest & achieve my financial/work-y related goals.
5. want to find/develop a new style.
6. will take away the binky once & for all.

{i tag whoever hasn't done this yet!}

happy wednesday!


Jackie said...

Wow, How stinking inspiring is this post! You made me think of things I haven't thought of in years. Thanks! I just might have to blog-lift this idea from ya!!!
Miss ya bunches!!

runningfan said...

What is...."While You Were Sleeping."

granny said...

Dang it, Heidi beat me to the While You Were Sleeping answer. Funny how we all have it memorized. Loved the post.

Holly said...

i was reading it over ma's shoulder and at the same time both of us go.. while you were sleeping! our family's awesome haha

Coree Adams said...

You make me smile.

Marilyn said...

Hi! You're back! So happy about this. I miss seeing your inspiration on a semi-daily-ish basis! Love the post. (i noticed your mom likes the word? "ish" too! tee hee)

Jenn said...

Love the post... maybe I will take some time to figure all that stuff out but I can barely remember yesterday! So... most important, check, check, check your email because I sent you a highly important email!!! Oh and I am super excited about it!

MeL said...

I totally knew it is "While You Were Sleeping" and it is in the late night hospital scene, and is truly one of my favorite lines of the movie. How stinkin cute are you? I saw this on your mom's blog, and kind of loved it and might steal it in the next few days or weeks. Anyhoo, happy 4th and almost birthday!

rachbechep said...

hooray for fun angie posts...ive missed you and your blog lately.

Chell said...

Awesome, awesome, awesome! :)

I loved reading that and learning a little more about you.

I will have to do this... :)

cori said...

dear pat...

this really made my day.

glad to know you a bit better.

i may take you up on the tag ness. i have blogger burn out.

when you develop that new/fun style, can you make one up for me? i so want to do that too.

i think chloe looks exactly like you. cute as can be.

Kate said...

Oh Bill...

I'm glad you're back! :)

sandalloons40 said...

You're back in your ever so popular(ish) blog world.

Ditto back to you, girly girl!

And most of all, I would cry for a Autism segment since our son has Autism.

But, he moved to his new group home agency and fresh new home. YIPPEE!!!
Alot of hard work on my part advocating again and again to find help.

Sassy said...

I have so missed you "while you were sleeping" I know you weren't because you probably can work circles around most of us...that was just my answer for your question that I had seen everyone else knew as well...

YOU MAKE ME SMILE! I am so glad I know and love ya!

The Wizzle said...

I love this tag! I want everybody I know to do it. And I totally want to see your new style once you come up with it!

Also, is it weird that I knew the quote was from "While You Were Sleeping", but only because of your family?

Unknown said...

Oh my gosh Angie!! ha ha You did not look like its Pat, but i laughed ever so hard at the photo comparison!!!!

You are too cute!

Kaelene said...

I was so excited to see a new post from you . . . I've missed you!
The movie? "While You Were Sleeping" for 2000, please!
I'm gonna take your tag challenge . . . very soon!
♥ you!

Kaytie Brown said...

I freaking luv ya and I freaking FREAKING miss ya. And um THANK YOU THANK YOU Dixon fam for moving from american fork, utah USA to Mesa, AZ USA/just a back fence ladder away.

Unknown said...

yay for an angie list! i love these! you word everything so cute & perfectly!

Laura Blue said...

hey girlie! it's been so long. sorry you've been more stressed lately. i hope that eases up for you. i bet you're just lovin chloe to pieces right now. she's in a fun stage... isn't she? i can't wait for cami to grow up lol chloe is just too cute. way to go at loosing 8 pounds... that's great! good luck with the new style change... can't wait to see what it's like. i enjoyed reading all about you. you're too sweet. that was a fun read. later ang

Kapri said...

Yay! Angie is back...we have missed you! You always bring a smile to my face...thanks.

Unknown said...

Did I tell you yet.......

you are the Cutest!

Macey said...

Love the tag-very cute!