prayers for emily

tonight as you're trick or treating, passing out candy, consuming sugar, and bein' festive...

please, please, please

take a [moment] to send some prayers up for my

strong, faithful, dear friend
emily & her family.



i pray for your peace to continue.
and for the angels of heaven to be round about you.

love always,


Unknown said...

thanks for the visit on my blog!
I left a message for Emily a while back. I will keep them lifted up in prayers. Oh my he turned again, poor guy!
I wish for hope and peace for them.

You are so always so cute, kind, compassionate, friendly, funny, caring and you!
thanks for being that way!
loads of ♥'s for you!

m = michelle said...

I don't know how I didn't know about em & J's story (only read about it a couple weeks ago) and now to hear things are so grave, breaks my heart.

I will pray for them. For sure. and lots. and a little fundraiser seems like a good idea.

Anonymous said...


Drew and Tarah said...

Angie...who is this family? I read up on their entire blog when you posted this and have been checking for updates every since. I was in inconsolable tears today around 3:00 when I read the last post. But, I am also sad that I don't even know who I am reading about. I will pray for them and hope that they can continue to have peace through this hard time. She seems so much stronger than I could ever be through this! Thanks for sharing the blog!