i don't really like october, or halloween...

...but ballerinas named chloe are {quickly} changing my mind.

hope everyone had a safe-n-happy halloween!


•stephanie• said...

just for the record . . . pink makes everything {including halloween} worthwhile.

i hope chloe had the time of her life.

{and i hope she twirled a lot.}

Anonymous said...

she is DARLING! look at those SHOES, too!! wow!!! super cute!!!

kids are REALLY what all of thesse holidays are about, right?!!!

it's amazing how these little sweet people {our kids} make everything in life so much funner & sweeter!!!

heather said...

She is so cute.

granny said...

Cutest ballerina evah.

Laura Blue said...

dearest chloe,
i hope that cambria grows up to be just as cute and fun as you. your little sister is going to adore you...always be a good big sis. I can't wait to see how you are with her. you looked oh so cute in your ballerina outfit. happy halloween