i don't really like october, or halloween...

...but ballerinas named chloe are {quickly} changing my mind.

hope everyone had a safe-n-happy halloween!


Stephanie said...

just for the record . . . pink makes everything {including halloween} worthwhile.

i hope chloe had the time of her life.

{and i hope she twirled a lot.}


she is DARLING! look at those SHOES, too!! wow!!! super cute!!!

kids are REALLY what all of thesse holidays are about, right?!!!

it's amazing how these little sweet people {our kids} make everything in life so much funner & sweeter!!!

heather said...

She is so cute.

granny said...

Cutest ballerina evah.

Laura Blue said...

dearest chloe,
i hope that cambria grows up to be just as cute and fun as you. your little sister is going to adore you...always be a good big sis. I can't wait to see how you are with her. you looked oh so cute in your ballerina outfit. happy halloween