saturday is a special day

today chloe went on a fun date with aunt barbie in her new outfit.
today i cleaned out the garage for a really long time.

today chloe wanted yogurt & pepsi for breakfast. {she only got yogurt.}
today i didn't have one shred of morning sickness. {praise!}

today chloe spent 37 minutes in the bathtub because she was having so much fun.
today i have yet to shower. {but i will...i promise.}

today chloe sent her daddy a {good morning} picture text.
today myron called me on all of his breaks.

today chloe took a four hour nap.
today i wore myself out.

today chloe made me smile a lot.
today i thought to myself on more than one occasion:

[today is a {really} good day.]

{happy saturday!}


The Roberts Family said...

Im posting about a date right now! so you can see the pictures! but i will bring you a CD of them tomorrow!

LOVE ya! cute post

Em said...

Today is a good day... Jeff got some of his stem cells back today! Hooray! Sounds like you've had a productive day.

Marisa and Rob said...

We love Saturday's at our house!! I'm glad you had a good day!! :) I love Chloe's new outfit!! Too cute!! :)

Beth Curtis said...

I love it. That sounds like my kind of Saturday. I can't wait for Chloe #2!

Coree Adams said...

Holy shamoly a 4 hour nap? I don't remember the last time one of my kids took a nap that long. I bet that was HEAVEN! PLUS no morning sickness, wow...what a great day! HUGS

runningfan said...

Congrats on the great day. Have you listed your place for rent yet?

Unknown said...

today was a really good, tiring day! Did you get your HSM3 fix???
Well, I did at the theatre with loads of kids and teenagers. LOL
It is truly a hit movie.
My hubby and I saw the BH Chihuahua. My son and I saw that before but, since my hubby is originally from Mexico before moving to Lehi, then that was cute for him to see this.

I hope you are doing great as I hardly see you anymore.

Your photos are cute as well as your family.

When will you know if you are moving???

take care

Anonymous said...

I just want to say that "Nobody's Fool" is like one of most favorite songs....ever....someday I will act my age.

McMemories said...

Ang-4 hour nap!! I am drooling from jealousy!! I dont even get that most nights!! So glad u are feeling better and just so happy for you guys to have two of the cutest little girlies ever!!!