we made it to the soft seats

a small early-christmas miracle happened today.

[we were on time to church.]

can i please say how much more enjoyable sacrament meeting is when you aren't chillin' in the foyer due to lack of chairs in the overflow?

{lots more enjoyable.}
*aka: you can hear & feel the spirit.

granted: chloe was still {very} two throughout the whole meeting...and i did hafta remove her from the premises, mid-meltdown, just before the closing hymn.
cest la vie]

and: i barfed before senior primary & i had to go home & brush my teeth.

but! we got there before 8:07...and that hasn't occurred in months.
{so i am happy.}


off to eric's birthday dinner!
menu: chicken pillows, claud's famous chocolate pie, etc.
{i am already dreaming about it.}

happy 22-years, cute little brother!
happy half-way-day until myron comes home to me!


Coree Adams said...

That is so happy! All but the barfing before Senior Primary incident...and might I add that you and the Bowie look BEAUTIFUL!!

Kaytie Brown said...

SO sorry about the barfing business. Way to be on time though. Us Browns are still working on that one. You inspire me to try (once again) next week :)

Jamie said...

I too ♥ soft seats - which we never get to sit on very much - but it does make 4 a much better sacrament experience!

granny said...

I do so love the soft seats.

Thanks for helping with the chicken pillows, etc. Hope they *settled* better than breakfast.

heather said...

Good for you! I don't know HOW it is, I'm always on time to everything but church. And it's not like I have small children who need last minute diaper or outfit changes. Its not like chruch is extremely early. Its not like I ever have a GOOD reason, it just happens. Almost every Sunday. :(

Susan said...

Hi Angie,

I have to come out of stalking mode to ask if you will post your mom's chicken pillows recipe? I have one that I make but I love to compare and fine tune.

Now that I'm out, I must say sweet, fun place your blog is. AND I went to EA for two years and loved it. I always tell Justin that if he ever wants to look for a job there...fine with me. I hope you really get the chance to go.

(Ryan Crum's Sister)