confession: i am having a love affair with my new laundry detergent.

for the past few years i have been a die-hard *gain: original {powder}* fan.

but i've been cheating on it's fragrant fabulousness & trying new things because
me thinks it was makin' my clothes fade faster than they should.

while my house & clothing smelt gloriously gainish, my fuzzed-up faded ghetto-ness was getting a little old.

i've been through a few different flavors [tide, surf, among others]
& i think i've found my fave.

straight up.
concentrated version.
{on sale.}

but this.

{this makes my blood boil.}

do the makers of liquid detergent really think i'm going to get a paper towel out & gently wipe the little plastic cup clean every time i throw a load in?

they should know i'm [way] too lazy for that.

and they should also know that i am [way] too OCD to have a blue gooey spill utop my washer 24/7.

does this bug anyone else?
[please say yes.]




m = michelle said...

I don't know why ours doesn't drip like that (well the detergent doesn't. the softener? that's another story)

We drop the cup in with the load so it's never goopy. and it's never lost!! which is what would really make me bonkers!

Amy said...

I ALWAYS wash the cup as the tub fills up. I just hold it under the water and dump it out a bunch of times until it's clean. Bad news...it's high maintenence...good news...no goo.

granny said...

I HATE that. Pushes me back to powder every time.

Kapri said...

when i had a top load i washed the cup as it filled. i don't have that ability anymore so i went to the regular bottle kind but those big ines are always cheaper..sad

mademoisellechitchat said...


I wash the cup. ;)

What I hate is cleaning the INSIDE of the washer machine. I hate the ring. I wish that I could drop a tablet inside the darn thing and poof, it's clean.

runningfan said...

I'm totally with ya, sister! Drives me insane. That's the one thing I miss about the top-loading machine! But I'm totally trying Michelle's idea. That rocks!

Em said...

I always rinse mine with the water before putting the cap back on too. And I have always used all but the free and clear kind. I love that OCD in you comes on in even that... It bugs me too. But sometimes not enough to fix it...

The Candlands said...

Hahaha! So I have always been bugged by this and I literally wipe the bottle with the lid, then I sit and rinse the cup with the water from the load that is filling. I just love that you commented about it.

The Wizzle said...

I don't use the cup, I just sorta eyeball it (front-loader here). The dripping bugs, yes indeed. No good solution, I guess!

MaryAnn Perry said...

I just throw the cup in the wash with the clothes and it washes it self...the only thing is that you have to remember to get the cup out before you put the clothes in the dryer....the dryer makes it lose its shape and it makes an annoying clack clack sound as the dryer spins.

Sassy said...

YES! YES! YES! I love this detergent but the blue goop so bugs!!!!!

Kaelene said...

Ang, I always stand the bottle up, after using the spout! Also, if you open the top a little, which unscrews, to let the soap, out into the cup/top, and then close it when you are done, then that keeps down the flow, as well. Just speakin' from drippin' goo experience!

Viva Las Vegas said...

Yes it makes be crazy as well. I use powder and put in a huge glass container like you see at a candy store with candy in it. My mom gave me that little trick. But now I use the liquid, my beautiful class container was smashed in the move I made last month!

Jill said...

I love it! I currently have a couple liquid droplets on my washer waiting for me to clean them up. And yes, it does bug me! :)


YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!! it bugs me, too! :(

kacee said...

Bugs me too! My mom-in-law taught me to throw it in with the clothes, comes out clean every time!

Fortunate for me - my only laundry worry these days is putting mine away. My sweet mom has taken over all laundry duties and it is heaven! ('cept the occasional love notes week)

Becky said...

I hated this container from the very first load. Thankfully, I hadn't thrown out the container of my former liquid detergent. I emptied the whole thing into an old Tide bottle and measured it out with that lid to save the mess.

Unknown said...

Confession: I just throw the whole plastci cup witht he goo in it... in the washer! Then it stays clean and doesn't drip... cause i am OCD about that too!

Unknown said...

yes, yes and yes, that drives me nuts, I also put it up when not in use. Do you leave it that way and push the button from the shelf so it can plumpit it the washer? Well that would be a good idea if you can reach the pump to push. LOL
I guess no solution but, by not placing it in that position works. Try standing it up each time you use it and not having it lay down so it drips. (well that is what I do)
if all else fails........
call 1-800-all for help. well, there are more numbers I am sure.
Hey they might even send you a free bottle for your troubles.
miss ya.