{cozy} christmas

this week we’ve taken several dunn-family-car-rides around mesa/gilbert hoods to spot christmas lights.

report: chloe is in love.

she yells “tanta’s house, tanta’s house!” at every stinkincasa on the street. even if the house has one simple string of lights festively adorning the roof…she freaks out…”look mommy, soooooo pretty!”….and then we better drive fast to the next one…or else it’s “hurry, go, daddy, go…see ‘nother tanta’s house?.”

we sing [once there was a snowman] on the top of our lungs & blast 99.9.

[it’s tender moments.]

and I tell you what: it does my heart good.


this christmas season is a little random for us. we are half-packed ready to move, but still not sure where the lord wants us to set up our christmas tree. we’ve had several bites, but no lease agreement for our house signed as of yet. the economy hurts our feelings daily as copper prices plummet & fellow-miners get laid off. the uncertainty is just palpable. we are strong in the faith that 2009 brings fabulous things, but with all this grown-up-stuff it’s semi-easy to feel a little ba-humbug-ish.

and then we take a ride with chloe

& we believe in santa again.

the magic is indeed in the air.

the chilly weather makes me oh-so happy.

and we have beyond-millions to be grateful for.

this december i’m hitting up dear elder joseph b. wirthlin’s advice. it’s gonna be a busy month filled with trips away for myron, contract-work-a-plenty/growing a child for angie, maybe moving, maybe not….but come what may & we’ll love it, i say.

and while doing so:

i’ll keep you updated on our life,

our plans {or lack thereof},

and...our sugar cookie baking.

it’s gonna be a spontaneous & {oh-so cozy} christmas.

[i can feel it.]

{happy season!}


The Wizzle said...

Hear, hear. :) It's awfully hard to be a Scrooge with children in the house!

runningfan said...

I can just picture Chloe in the car singing about 'tanta's house! Adorable! Glad you're finding the silver lining this season.

Marisa and Rob said...

Chloe is too cute! Amirra is in the Christmas mood around here, she has been opening all the gifts around the tree, and then tear things around the house up!!! Great time, but we sure do love her. Were keeping you guys in our prayer's and hope everything goes well in the mine! If you need anything at all let us know. That picture of Amirra as a header was when she turned one, so a year and a half ago. I just really love that picture. She is growing up way to fast!!!! :)

Marisa and Rob said...
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granny said...

I love your attitude. Things have a way of working out. Never fear.

rachbechep said...

few things.

1. you're awesome.
2. come what may, and love it is my saying these days too. (which makes me happy to see it's yours too)
3. doesn't christmas rock!?!?

heather said...

Come what may and Love it! Your faith and continual optimism is so inspiring to me. Simply, I adore you. And your little family. :)

Everything is how we choose to believe it will be.

Emmy Z. said...

I'm sure this has to be a super hard time with all the uncertainty (I, myself, don't do well with uncertainty). Keep the faith!

Coree Adams said...

A-FREAKING-MEN Sister! We are praying for you guys, always.

Tanya Leigh said...

Seriously, made me {pert-near}cry: "...& we believe in santa again." I love it! Elder Wirthlin's talk was SO inspiring! I saw that quote above someone's door yesterday! Awesome.

katie said...

ooooh! i *love* that bokeh picture!!! awesome!

chloe is sooo cute! i went on a walk with opal last sunday, and she looked at all the lights with me. it was fun. :)

i really hope stuff works out for you guys! i know how it is to not know what's going to happen, or what you're supposed to do... it's hard.

and about the caramels. i'm making some this week, i'll give some to you in exchange that you give me your salsa recipe. [i think it was your mom's...] but you made it at your scentsy party.


Kate said...

You should show the Chlo-ster this web-site. I saw this in person last night and I tell you it is the most insane light display I have ever seen. :) http://christmasutah.com/
I heart your guts, and hope that you'll have an amazing Christmas full of the choicest blessings.