the out-of-town family christmas cheer is set to go out tomorrow.

as pictured above, it is chilling on the kitchen counter patiently waiting to be taken to our postman [who kinda reminds me of ringo.]
{shining time station era.}

oh man: i love this season.

but let me tell you: my christmas spirits just rose 500 levels after reading this article that my sweet friend jeanne recommended.

trust me: it's worth the eleven-ish minutes.
[or less if you're not a slow reader like me.]


have a happy night!
{and sleep in heavenly peace.}


granny said...

I'm so jealous...you are ahead of me, baby.

granny said...

P.S. I loved the article.

Amanda Jane said...

I have that same wrapping paper! Yet I still haven't wrapped things in it OR done my Christmas cards. You put me to shame...